9 Simple Food Ideas That Made People Millionaires

A brilliant and intricate new kind of gastronomy occasionally appears in the culinary world. And occasionally a ridiculously straightforward concept is sold for millions of dollars. Here are some of the simplest eating concepts that have made people oh-so-rich.

1. Ketchup

Since the invention of ketchup by Henry John Heinz, the history of condiments has been written. In 1876, he created the first version of a tomato sauce that he modified from a Chinese recipe. Who eats ketchup with their burger and fries, though?

2.Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC, one of the most well-known food chains ever, is valued more than $8.5 billion. Col. Sanders came up with it in 1939. When the Colonel was 60 years old, he made KFC become a franchise! KFC was first distributed in restaurants in 1952.

3.Beyond Meat

Burger eating is arguably the one skill that Americans excel at. Thanks to Ethan Brown, a food entrepreneur who developed “alternative meat” from pea protein, they’re now doing it a little healthier.

4. Cookies with chocolate chips

When Ruth Graves of the Toll House Inn made a batch of cookies one day, she unintentionally manufactured chocolate chip cookies because she realized too late that she had run out of baker’s chocolate. Then, she sliced a chocolate bar, which, despite not blending with the dough as she had anticipated, ended up being a hit with the gathering.

5. Natural infant food

This is undoubtedly a food item for the wealthy, and it was developed by expecting mother Cat Gazzoli when she became dissatisfied with the selection of baby food available. As a result, she developed the all-natural brand Piccolo, which only makes over $6 million year and uses real food.

Seoul Taco No. 6

We are incredibly appreciative of whoever invented this fusion dish since it is delicious. David Choi, who started selling his tacos on food trucks, combines Mexican and Korean cuisine on one plate. At this point, he owns 5 restaurants and his brand is worth over $5 million.

7. Ice pops

Frank Epperson, who created popsicles at the age of 11, unintentionally placed the stirrer in the refrigerator after blending soda powder and lemonade. After selling them in theme parks, he sold the rights to his items to a business, which went on to become extremely wealthy.

8. pancake mix

The battery blaster is a very brilliant food creation that I’m sure we’ve all considered, but someone actually went out and created it. We simply need to spray and cook pancakes now that Sean O’Connor has made it possible.

9. A family recipe for cake

Not your grandmother’s poundcake, this. Kim Nelson, who founded Daisy Cakes, created this well-thought-out brand. Following Kim’s appearance on Shark Tank, her business took off. It is now worth millions.