9 Struggles All woman Who Take the Pill Understand

Newsflash: Being a woman is difficult. Along with being taxed for having periods and earning 77 cents (or less) on the dollar at jobs we despise, we are also expected to keep everything spinning by avoiding pregnancy at the wrong time. Despite the fact that we adore what birth control accomplishes, it is not flawless. Here are nine issues that any woman who uses the Pill, the original female birth control, may relate to:

1. Having to take it with you everywhere.

You’re a busy lady, so there’s no assurance that you’ll be home at the same hour each day. The ancient ball and chain in this situation is your birth control, not bae. This quickly grows tiresome because you have to switch your suitcase every day and consider whether it would be okay to leave it at home once.

2. Snoozing your ‘BC’ alarm on your phone a million times because you’re too lazy to take it in that moment.

The problem is that you can’t just turn off your alarm since you’ll undoubtedly forget to take it if you do that.

even if it is visible on the table and sitting there.

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3. Blaming all of your problems on the Pill.

Are you putting on any weight? The Pill is entirely to blame. Extra depressed today? That must be the Pill, right?

4. Popping it out of the pack actually hurts your thumbs a lot.

Your thumbs are not overly delicate or sensitive. Sometimes the suckers just won’t come out of the pack, leaving you with a dent in your finger for the following ten minutes.

5. Forgetting to take it and having to double up.

Yes, you’re quite responsible and you almost always remember to take it, but nobody is perfect. As a result, if you miss a day sometimes, you have to take two, which is very uncomfortable if you have a sensitive stomach. Pro tip: If this keeps happening to you, you might think about getting an IUD as it doesn’t need to be reminded.

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6. Waiting on the red-tape hell that is a prescription re-fill.

Ugh, why is acquiring birth control so challenging in the first place? Here, we’re all just trying to act responsibly…

7. Forgetting to take it too many days in a row and getting your period.

Again, errors do occur. Perhaps you lost it, or perhaps you were distracted by all the different things going on and forgot. You go to buy tampons two weeks earlier than intended as a second wave of regret comes over you the instant the crimson tide rolls in (or perhaps just a little spot).

8. Dropping it and spending 20 minutes looking for that tiny guy.

God forbid you accidentally miss your palm when you yank that gadget out of its container out of overconfidence. The next thing you know, you’re scrambling around on your hands and knees looking for a blue dot no bigger than an earring back.

9. Feeling scared that going off it will unleash a plague of acne.

It’s a bittersweet issue. On the one hand, you are a goddess among woman and your skin is the purest it has ever been. However, you’ve been using it for the previous six years and have no idea how your skin would look without it. Will acne breakouts occur? Nobody is aware.

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