9 Sure Hints Your Ex Wants You Back

It can be challenging to interact with people you’ve had previous relationships with. Do you still keep in touch with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? Someone you used to be so close to can suddenly become a complete mystery as you try to figure out whether their current intentions are entirely platonic and kind or subtly flirty.

It can be challenging to read these indicators, which can result in many awkward encounters. It’s crucial to understand what your ex is thinking, regardless of whether you want to move on from your relationship totally, maintain a positive friendship, or get back together. Check out these 9 unmistakable signs that your ex wants you back to have a better understanding of your situation.

They Keep in Touch with You.

A indication that your ex is still interested in you and wants to be a part of your everyday life is if they often message or phone you at random.

They Truly Enjoy What You’re Doing.

Your ex may still care for you if they frequently inquire about how you’re doing and show genuine interest in your current circumstances.

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They Give you suggestions.

Any ex-partner in a romantic relationship who is eager to talk to you about your life and offer advise is probably still highly concerned about you and your efforts to find happiness.

They still harbor jealousies.

You wouldn’t think that someone who no longer cares about you would be jealous if you started dating someone else. If your ex is still calling you names whenever you bring up a new crush, they want you back.

They claim to have changed.

Your ex might want you to be aware of any improvements they’ve made from the time you two split up if it was due to their poor behavior. They probably want you to give them another chance if they keep reminding you that they have improved.

They Engage With Your Social Media Frequently.

Your ex may be trying to send you a not-so-subtle message if they consistently like 10 to 15 of your random posts at once.

They Post Information They Are Sure Will Catch Your Attention.

Is your ex frequently sharing remarks about getting back together or being a better person that seem to be geared at you? Most likely, they are talking about you and hoping that you’ll notice.

Insiders from your previous relationship are frequently brought up.

Does your ex consistently find a way to bring up old stories, trips you’ve taken, or enjoyable experiences you’ve shared? They probably want you to think back on how much you loved being with them and maybe trigger enough nostalgia for you to desire to reunite.

They serve as a reminder of how much your family enjoyed them.

Your ex might try to remind you of all the reasons why you were a terrific couple if you reached the point in your relationship where they met your family. A pretty strong indication that your ex wants you all to be one big happy family again is if they are constantly telling you how much your parents enjoyed spending time with them.