9 Things Guys Like In Women More Than Good Looks

It’s good to know that there are men out there that care about things other than appearances, even though we all know that in this day and age appearances are crucial. While it’s true that the first thing people notice about you is your appearance, guys fall in love with you for your words, deeds, and character attributes. Here are 9 qualities that men value in women over physical attractiveness.

1. One who Listens Well

It’s a common misconception that men talk more than women do. So they value someone who listens well. I’m not saying you should always agree with them and laugh at all of their jokes, but in those rare occasions when your male is expressing some deep emotions and having a meaningful conversation, they will greatly value a women who is a good listener.

2. Inventiveness

Being an excellent planner is always beneficial. Your friends will always be amazed by your bullet journaling talents, and you won’t ever be late or forget what to wear to that particular occasion. However, there are benefits to being impulsive occasionally. Take your partner up on his invitation to go on a weekend getaway the next time he suggests it. You’ll have a fantastic time.

3. A capable cook

A man’s gut is the key to his heart. Even if that is true, being a chef is not simple, especially in today’s busy society where everyone has a job and little free time. The good news is that men are not very interested in fine dining. They will be pleased if you can produce a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich. You’re set if you can cook a few quick, delectable dinners.

4. Food Addict

Women are aware that maintaining a healthy weight is difficult. Because, unlike males, we can’t just dump a mountain of hamburgers into our mouths and expect to look the same the next day, we always have to think about what we eat. However, persistent dieting is also bad for your health. Nobody likes folks who spend a long time at the grocery store reading every label or those nuts who try to calculate their caloric intake while dining. In that case, please take a moment to unwind. Enjoying food is one of life’s basic joys, therefore do so.

5. A wonderful sense of humor

A sense of humor is something that will always come in handy. It is necessary for both men and women in a relationship. One of the nicest pleasures in the world is cracking jokes and laughing at everything with your boyfriend. I say that in all humility.

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6. Individuality

Finally, times are changing. Most men no longer seek out partners who they must support and care for. Finally, they can respect a powerful, independent woman. So, if it describes you, congratulations. Everything you’re doing is correct.

7. Ambitions

Together with the prior sentence, this makes sense. Ambition is a fantastic quality. Although we’re no longer expected to suddenly drop everything and become a housewife with three kids, family values are still significant in today’s society. You may have both a profession and a family, so never give up on your ambition.

8. Being Resilient

Nobody expects you to be able to move large pieces of furniture by yourself, but if you can, congrats! You’re a strong lady. Being able to overcome obstacles and maintaining your composure under pressure are examples of what we mean when we say that a woman is strong. Men value a woman who, when necessary, can handle her own difficulties.

9. Showing Support

Men enjoy seeming tough and denying that they require assistance. They enjoy portraying themselves as strong and independent, but in reality, they need our help. Since all of their male pals are preoccupied with acting really manly and emotionally unavailable, they can’t truly expect it from them. So they truly value it when they find a girl who is encouraging.