9 Tips From Indian Women For Shiny And Healthy Hair

We can all agree that women from India have gorgeous hair. Their glossy, beautiful hair always appears to have just emerged from a shampoo commercial. Is there a trick to getting Indian women’s hair to seem so gorgeous? Absolutely, there is! In actuality, schoolgirls’ hair is beautifully braided and oiled for protection because hair care is a component of Indian tradition. Almost every Indian woman is an expert when it comes to having lovely hair because to the traditions that are being passed down from mother to daughter. Here are 9 suggestions from Indian women for beautiful, lustrous hair.

Use cold water to wash

When it comes to maintaining your hair’s beauty routine, cold (or lukewarm) water is your best friend. Make sure to rinse your hair with cold water after using any special hair serum or moisturizing product to improve the condition of your hair. Any product you apply will be rendered ineffective by hot water, further drying out your hair. If you believe the water you use to wash your hair isn’t particularly good, you can rinse it out with some bottled water to remove the chemicals.

Choose unusual ingredients.

Of course, Indian ladies are well-versed in the benefits of natural products for hair care. Amla is one of the oldest substances used in Ayurveda and a fantastic source of vitamin C. You may either eat it, apply it to your hair to make it stronger, or both! Saffron fortifies hair and offers all the nutrients and antioxidants required to shield it from the elements. Henna is frequently applied as a conditioner or hair mask. It revitalizes the color of the hair and makes it lustrous and bouncy.

Use oils exclusively

When it comes to Indian hair care, oils are crucial. Your hair won’t appear greasy when the right oil is used correctly; rather, it will become easier to maintain, more moisturized, and less frizzy. Using some oils afterwards is essential if you want to overwash your hair. Use oils like jasmine oil, which not only has a pleasant scent but also shields your hair from the elements. Coconut oil works best as a hair mask, whilst sunflower oil is a fantastic moisturizer.

Utilize natural therapies

Indian women take the same care with their hair as they do with their faces. Their use of homemade natural remedies, specialized serums, and hair treatments is what keeps their hair looking so healthy and gorgeous. Your head’s skin is just as sensitive and in need of care as the rest of your body. As a preventative strategy, they moisturize, nourish, and soften the hair rather than waiting for the effects of heavy chemically induced hair products.

Choose natural colors.

Most Indian women favor natural hues and avoid experimenting with hair dyes that are too damaging to their hair. On the one hand, they are more restrained with their hair color choices, but on the other, they are protecting them from chemical dyes and commitments to their hair that demand ongoing treatments that wear out the hair.

diet for healthy hair

Indian women don’t eat anything in particular to make their hair look nice and glossy; instead, their diet is naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients from foods like fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Turmeric, fenugreek, pomegranate, cashew, chickpeas, and saffron are just a few of the foods that are rich in protein, fatty acids, and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair.

Utilize organic materials

Your hair should only be touched by natural materials! Avoid using metal and plastic brushes because they are very bad for your hair. Utilizing a hair band made of an organic material is also recommended. Use wooden products instead of rubber ones.

less washing

Contrary to popular belief, frequent hair washing won’t make your hair cleaner or healthier. It becomes drier the more you wash it, which causes your scalp to produce more grease to shield the hair from over-washing. Natural grease is beneficial because it protects your hair from the sun, wind, dirt, smog, and other bothersome environmental factors. Indian women only wash their hair three times a week at most. You ought to try it as well!

begin early

Indian women begin their hair care regimens early in life and maintain them continuously throughout. Consistency and high-quality products, some of which you can even make yourself, are necessary for gorgeous hair. You should either buy some organic cosmetics or start making DIY treatments for your hair because nontoxic natural remedies are crucial to its health and beauty.


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