9 Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe (And How To Wear Them!)

Historically, women wore dupattas as a sign of modesty, but today, it’s just one of the many accessories we wear to show off our individual sense of style. A dupatta, sometimes called a “odni,” “chunni,” or “chunari,” is a large scarf that can be wrapped around your body in a variety of ways. You can also let it hang loosely over your shoulders to show off the exquisite needlework or design. There are as many different varieties of dupattas as there are sarees, but we’ve selected 9 of the prettiest ones and provided styling advice for each. Enjoy!

Chanderi Silk Dupatta

The name-brand Chanderi dupatta originates in the Madhya Pradesh state from a town of the same name. With tussari silk, cotton, linen, or zari gowns, these dupattas are among the most stylish and magnificent items of apparel a woman may wear. Wear it at joyous events wherever possible.

The Phulkari Dupatta

The intricately crafted Phulkari dupatta, which originates from Punjab, is known for its stunning embroidery and eye-catching floral motifs. Wear this dupatta with a plain garment in muted colours to make it stand out.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Because Banarasi silk dupattas are the epitome of elegant, every Desi girl needs one in her collection. This is how you should accessorise your salwar kameez if you want to make a statement! For an even more spectacular result, wear it with a long Anarkali dress. Royalty has long enjoyed wearing Banaras-made sarees and dupattas!

Kalamkari Dupatta

For a casual yet stunning look, pick a whimsical design and team it with a really straightforward kurta. Add some tribal jewellery for a more stunning appearance.

Madhusudan Dupatta

The elaborate patterns and genuinely eye-catching designs found on Madhubani dupattas are the result of using natural dyes. This is the dupatta to wear if you want to stand out!

Ikat Dupatta

Ikat dupattas are bringing back the old traditional geometrical designs and a very peculiar type of dyeing the fabric that is done before the actual weaving even starts. Right now Ikat dupatta is becoming a part of high-end fashion, which means you automatically become a glam diva when you wear one.

N.E.D. Dupatta

Any party outfit must have a net dupatta as a signature piece. This lavishly embellished, shimmering dupatta, which goes well with everything from lehengas to fancy party dresses, completes every outfit. Everything simply looks more joyful and festive as a result.

Tulle Dupatta

Wearing chiffon dupattas is a true pleasure. They are very portable because they are exceedingly light, silky, and gentle on the skin. They can easily switch from one style to another with the appropriate attire and accessories, so they are worn for both party and casual styles.

Bandhani shawl

Bandhani dupattas arrive in our country from Gujarat and Rajasthan, carrying artefacts from the ancient Hindu Valley Civilization. Designs made with bandhani are classic and essentially indestructible. Wear a Bandhani dupatta with a plain white or black kurta for the most gorgeous appearance to make it stand out even more.

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