9 Types Of Men Who Will Never Marry You

Before finding “the one,” women go on a number of unsuccessful dates, and occasionally the intense longing for a soul mate is strong enough to cause us to search in the wrong places. This serves as a reminder to always recognize your worth and refuse to accept anything less. Finding a man who treats you correctly can be challenging with all the warning signs in the dating industry. Even if you are the perfect wife material, some guys are quite content to date for years on end without ever making the move to propose. Here are all the men who are unsuitable for marriage.

The club-going man

DJs are probably not someone you want to date. These lads suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome,” or a lack of motivation to mature and become adults. They don’t want to ponder about their future; they just want to party. Although it may be alluring to be with the life of the party, it may be more useful to date someone who considers the future as well as the present.

2. The man with numerous ex-wives

This does not necessarily imply that he is attractive. Actually, it can imply the exact opposite. Despite the fact that we all have ex-partners, if he has more than you can count, it’s a red flag that he may not be the most committed. People can change, but in this case, whether it be that he is a commitment-phobe or a cheater, there is usually a similar factor that should serve as a warning. If he’s still bitter about his ex, stay away from him as well.

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3. The man who adores nightclubs for women

A man who frequently wants to spend time away from you to watch women undress is probably not the best candidate for marriage, unless you’re absolutely cool with it or you enjoy going out to the strip clubs with him (we’re not judging). Regular strip club patrons are more interested in spending their hard-earned cash on attractive girls than on you.

4. He won’t discuss the connection.

If he becomes uncomfortable or actively avoids discussing the future of the relationship or resolving dispute, it is likely a sign that he still wishes to remain single or hasn’t entirely come to terms with who he is. You give him the power and the message that he can live the life he wants without having to make any compromises or sacrifices if you permit him to refuse to talk about the relationship.

5. The guy who declines to take you out

If a man believes that he will be able to marry you, he will be eager to show you off to everyone, including his friends and family. Wanting your own space is acceptable, but if he avoids meeting you or avoids taking you to social events, it basically implies he’s hiding you, and you deserve better than that. Either of these behaviors—cheating or simply wanting to hang out with his friends frequently without you—is not a good indicator.

6. The roving man

The relationship might not work out if you don’t want to live that lifestyle or have a profession that forces you to stay put. A man who continuously wants to travel can be alluring. An addiction to travel typically indicates a lack of interest in settling down. Can he honestly commit to one spouse for the rest of his life if he can’t commit to one place?

7. The overworked

It’s okay to be passionate about your profession, but it may become obsessional if you put your career above everything else in your life, especially a relationship. Bae is obviously more interested in his career than a future with you if he is continuously thinking about it and working on his phone or computer.

Mommy’s boy

Naturally, treating your mother right is crucial; after all, we all adore our mothers. But if his mother’s boy mentality is beginning to influence his relationship with you, it’s a red flag. more so if he consults her for the majority of his needs before you. If you go with a guy who is a pushover and has a bad relationship with his mother, he would always pick her over you.

9. A stickler for detail

Control freaks are also frequently perfectionists. They are fastidious about their partners in addition to their homes, food, clothes, and daily routines. Having a spouse who cannot comprehend the reality that you are human and have imperfections will guarantee that you are not valued. He may still be considering whether his ideal partner exists or whether he will have to settle for you.