9 Unique Ways To Rock Red Lipstick

Secret badass is the girl with the red lip. She is a polished businesswoman during the day and a wild party girl at night. She manages her world and does it all while sporting an amazing sense of style. Rocking a red lip takes a certain amount of confidence, but once you do, it will completely change you. Try out these various options to see which one suits you best.

1 Neon Lip

A neon lip is entertaining and makes the traditional idea of red lipstick seem less serious and more grown-up. The soft matte with an orange tint is the most stylish. Apply an apple stain first, then dab and spread a neon color over it.

2. A hard matte finish is

This look is intense yet beautiful. It’s timeless and incredibly stylish. If you can’t find matte lipstick, you can turn glossy lipstick matte by blotting it after application and dabbing on some powder with a sponge applicator.

Try this lipstick from Smashbox: be Legendary Matte.

3. A patent or glossy finish

For the Marilyn Monroe look, use a gloss with a lot of pigment, like a shiny red. Apply clear lip gloss over a red lip and spread it to achieve the lacquered look. Apply light-reflecting concealer with a concealer brush to the small depression in the center of your upper lip, also known as your Cupid’s bow, and blend outward.

Giorgio Armani Ecstacy Lip Lacquer in Red Chrome is a good option.

4.Ombre Cherries in bloom

A cherry blossom ombre look is especially seductive. Apply a dark red shade to the outer third of your lips, then apply a lighter pink shade to the center of your mouth and gently blend the two colors together. It’s an alluring look to add a nude gloss over the pink to add shimmer.

Examine Black Up Satin Bright Red Lipstick and Givenchy Le Rose Révélateur Magic Lip Gloss.

5. Apply A Darker Liner Than Your Filler.

By lining your lips with a color that is slightly darker than the shade you use on the rest of your lips, you can give your red lip look a bit of edge. Your look will have more dimension and you’ll be able to rock a sexy pout like Gwen Stefani after using a filler in a shade one gradient lighter.

Consider using NARS Scarlet Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and NARS Jungle Red Lipstick.

6. Use Color Combinations To Play With Red Shades

Combinations of colors are the secret to creating varied reds; by varying and blending a few lipsticks, you can create dozens of different, individually red combinations. It will produce a romantic but edgy effect to layer a hot pink glass on a matte red; using a matte base shade that you layer with a gloss or satin finish will really make the look pop.

The Salmon Pink + Warm Red Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick is a good option.

7 Only apply stains.

One can achieve a rock ‘n’ roll, raw look with a still have a pretty and flirty edge by using just a red lip stain. You never have to worry about drawing outside the lines because they glide right along. When the color fades, they temporarily dye your lips, making them look natural rather than sloppy. Additionally, they keep your lips moisturized and kissable all day.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain #13 Rose Tempura is a good option.

8. Deep Purple-Red Vamp Lip

Look for products with purple undertones, such as a stylish deep berry worn by the Kardashians, to achieve that deep, black-cherry hue that is in right now. Apply a black-violet lip liner first, then a deep purple-red lipstick to fill in the gaps. Minimal eye makeup works best with this style.

Try Rimmel Lasting Finish Starry Eyed Lipstick.

9. Skip the filler and only use lip liner

It takes a little more time and effort to achieve this powerful look, but it is all worthwhile. Use a red pencil to carefully outline and fill in the lips; it might take several coats to give them a full appearance. Between layers, dust and blot. Apply a gloss on top to make it shine more.

Try the It’s Cherry Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner.


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