9 Ways To Do A Cheap Spa Night At Home

Many of us have been prevented from taking the vacations and spa excursions of our wildest dreams by Covid. However, you can indulge just as much at home by turning your bathroom into a DIY spa. Things are about to become much more tranquil, so set the mood, offer the goods, and lock the door.

1: Unplug

The first rule of Spa Club is to get unplugged! When we refer to detox, we don’t just mean physically. A digital detox does the body and mind good. It stops us from comparing our lives to others, and just lets us live in the moment, being content with the present. Instead, grab your favorite book or put on a calming playlist. You can also watch one of your favorite guilty pleasure shows, if you have a set up that allows for a laptop or tablet.

2. Heat towels beforehand

Spas never hand you a cold towel, and there’s just something so soothing about wrapping up in pre-warmed towels. If you don’t have a towel-warmer, put your towels in the dryer for 5-10 minutes, which should heat them up. Heat a couple of tiny towels too — if you dampen them a bit, they can be used to open up facial pores or soften cuticles.

3. Set the mood with plants

Herbs and plants can make your bathroom a botanical wonderland. Inhale a fresh garden while you take your bath and complete your treatment — it really can transport you to another world. Bundles of herbs like thyme or rosemary are fantastic, but our favorite is eucalyptus. Hang a bunch on your shower, which will make for a high-end steam room experience.

4. Plan your beauty routine

Tools like rollers can make you feel like you’re at a five-star spa — so can scraping stones, which increases circulation and gives you a natural glow. You know what else gives you an unbeatable glow? A good ol’ dry brushing session. This form of exfoliation is luxurious in its own way — it sloughs off dead cells and has energizing qualities. You can do this before the bath portion of your spa, but make sure to shower off that dead skin first.

5. Set a decadent bath

Baths make your skin soft, and allow you to escape in a peaceful moment of privacy. We’re talking flowers, rose petals, and sliced cucumber. Line it with candles, and you can even throw in essential oils like lavender for some added relaxation. Bath bombs are also a fizzy addition we love — you can order some online, or make your own with baking soda and a few other ingredients. That being said, Epsom salts are a classic that never fails, and always leave you feeling relaxed.

6. Mask it up

There’s something about masks that just feel like the definition of self-care. Especially since they can be done while you take your bath — all the steam does wonders for the pores. Sheet masks and pre-formulated options from brands are grand, but so are DIY masks, which you can make with ingredients around the house, like avocado, matcha, or banana. Mix with honey and some water, and you have an automatic mask with radiant skin benefits! You can also apply a hair mask from these ingredients (coconut oil is very hydrating as well), or use a deep conditioner.

7. No tub? Soak those tired feet

Not all of us have a bathtub in our homes. If you have a standup shower, consider filling up a basin with a deliciously scented bubble bath or foot soak product. With winter heading our way, so are cracked, dry feet. Stop your heels from developing dragon scales and finish off the soak by scrubbing deep with a pumice stone. You can even buy a neck and shoulder massager like this to create a true spa experience.

8. Polish up

After you soak and those feet are softened up, treat yourself to a decadent pedicure. Sure, it might not feel exactly the same as when you go to the salon, but honestly, it tickles a lot less when you’re doing it yourself! Get some oil on those cuticles, trim toenails, and put on your favorite nail polish. We suggest investing in a UV LED nail lamp — it makes manis and pedis alike look more professional.

9. Have a meal waiting for you

At many spas, you take a break for a healthy, refreshing lunch or finish with dinner. After a long day of beauty, you don’t exactly feel like eating a heavy, greasy meal. You can make an afternoon tea presentation of mini sandwiches and small pastries, or have a nourishing salad with whole-grain toast on the side and lots of fresh veggies.


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