9 Ways To Make Salads That You’re Excited To Eat

In this time of social isolation, salad is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about, yet getting enough nutrients is crucial for a healthy body. Eating well is also good for your mental health; brighten your day by choosing one of these salads made with mouthwatering, surprising ingredients. A pro tip for making salads more delicious is to make them look more visually appealing.

1. Try a salad with superfoods.

Who needs bread when you have a little bit of fruit, protein, crunch, and a ton of color in a superfood salad? Combine a seed of your choosing, such as chia, with roasted protein (chicken and salmon are always adaptable), along with some almonds and some form of fruit. Try this kale, quinoa, and pomegranate salad with a delicious dressing that features salmon as the main ingredient.

2. Add a little fruit.

In a salad, fruit? Fruit is the ideal way to brighten up a salad and make eating your vegetables much simpler. For some, this may seem heretical. One of our favorites is strawberry, especially when combined with spinach and kale. Quinoa is included in this recipe, and since goat cheese gives the dish some acidic creaminess, we advise experimenting with it.


3. Add cheese if you’re unsure.

Anyone who despises salad has undoubtedly topped their iceberg lettuce with shredded mozzarella. Instead of using shredded store cheese, choose a healthier and tastier alternative by adding some fresh ricotta or feta. This salad with ricotta, broccolini, and chickpeas might be considered a complete dinner.

4. Eat plenty of meat and fish.

Salads may seem intimidating to those who are not vegetarians or vegans. However, it’s acceptable to include a few grilled chicken or fish strips to help you get used to salads. In contrast to many salads, which leave you still feeling hungry after eating them, it can help you feel more satisfied. Your energy level will rise as a result of the protein, and you’ll feel less hungry throughout the day. For instance, this sriracha and lime chicken salad tastes far superior to that oily Thai takeout.

5. Include a dash of honey

Some people don’t want to add fruits to their salads but prefer a little sweetness. The answer is honey or agave, which gives cheeses or sauces that have previously been infused with honey a hint of natural sweetness. Another tasty method is to roast nuts in honey. Consider preparing a honey lime or lemon vinaigrette for some zesty fun because citrus cuts honey well.

6. Grill or roast veggies

The final flavor of your vegetables will undoubtedly be greatly influenced by the way you cook them. There is virtually no resemblance between grilled vegetables and steamed vegetables, for example. Roasting and grilling both add a more savory, earthy flavor and preferred texture. Try it with mushrooms, bell peppers, or eggplants. Additionally, raw vegetables are harder to digest than roasted or grilled ones.

7. Become familiar with various beans

Although a salad made up of many bean varieties might not sound intriguing, you must try it to properly understand this salad trick. This protein-rich food is very helpful for vegetarians and is available in a wide range of flavors and textures. Combine some edamame with some pinto, black, and kidney beans. It’s a terrific idea to add green beans, quinoa, or couscous to the salad to further enhance the textures.

8. Change the climate

Unexpectedly, mixing various temperatures in a single salad makes it feel heartier and more delicious. For example, incorporate some recently pan-roasted fish or steak with a chilled avocado and some crisp, room-temperature cucumbers and onions. Even though a salad is not packaged Mac & cheese, doing this for some reason makes it feel like one. Even the crispy kale in this dish provides a little of texture. a salad with a potato chip flavor? Please, yes.

9. Add seasoning

Even while some ingredients benefit with physical heat, adding spices is a great way to give your salad new flavors. Along with seasoning your components, you can cook your protein in hot sauce or another spicy sauce. Others favor include pickled ingredients, chopped jalapenos, or a more sweet-and-spicy concoction. Try this chicken salad bowl with cumin for something truly unique.

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