9 Yummy Bento Boxes IG Accounts You Should Follow

Our lives have been taken over by food photography. Seeing a platter of food that has been expertly photographed is just very fulfilling. That’s presumably why we have to double tap to scroll past one on Instagram. But do you know what makes regular food photography even more satisfying? Bento crates Following are some fantastic bento box Instagram accounts that will brighten your day and encourage you to eat a variety of delicious, colorful dishes if you, like me, enjoy both eating and looking at bento boxes.

1. Nangram

Every bento box on this Instagram account for bento boxes features a miniature rice-filled chick. It’s quite adorable!

2. Kazu

Here, you’ll find a selection of balanced bento boxes. Every time, a different meal mix is used. Excellent inspiration for lunch.

3. Maichiku

This Instagram account will undoubtedly provide you some ideas for meals if you find symmetry to be aesthetically beautiful.

4. Yayoko

not just quantity, but also quality. This story demonstrates that you don’t have to stop at just one bento box if you find it difficult to trust that it will satisfy you.

5. Keko

Very colorful food options are often more enticing, and in the case of this Instagram account, they’re also healthy.

6. Kyoko

In orderly bento boxes, a practical yet delicious and enjoyable dinner idea. What is there to dislike?

Takayo 7.

Takayo is your destination if you’re not quite a perfectionist and just want some cuisine ideas that you can genuinely feel comfortable making at home.

8. Nao

The tagline for this account, in our opinion, is “simple doesn’t mean bland.” All of these bento boxes are excellent and incredibly simple to reproduce.

9. Hiromi

meals that are filling, tasty, colorful, and appealing to the eye. Even so, is that possible? You can truly have it all.


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