A Bollywood Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

You already know how much makeup, glitter, and glamour Indian filmmakers employ to make their ladies stand out if you’ve seen at least one Bollywood movie. And wow, do they enjoy wearing cosmetics! But we must admit that Bollywood makeup experts do provide some incredibly beautiful looks for their films. Although you might not want to wear this kind of gorgeous makeup every day, why not occasionally? Here is a simple eye makeup lesson with Bollywood influences that will make you seem like a real queen.

First things first: utilize your eye primer as a foundation for your gorgeous Bollywood makeup; otherwise, your eyeshadow will become a nightmare to blend. Create a sharp line with tape around the outside corner of your eyes to maintain your makeup exact and tidy. Apply a small amount of the hot pink eye shadow that makes you think of candies and fairy tales to the crease and gently blend it outwards. The final result will be stunning, we guarantee!

For those of you who aren’t accustomed to using gel eyeliners, this one can be challenging, but everything is easier the first time. This section is more of an outline for what follows, so don’t worry if you muck it up; you’ll be smudging it later anyhow. Simply create a beautiful “wing” form by beginning with a relatively thick black line at the outer corner of your eyes and tracing it toward the crease.

Once you’ve had your fill of pink, go ahead and smear some shimmering purple over the black line you just drew on your eyelids. To blend in the eyeshadow and create a crisp finish, use a small, firm crease brush. The same purple eyeshadow that you’ve previously used will work just fine, or you can use a different shade of purple to accomplish the task.


Let’s glitz it up now! Use as much glittery gold eyeshadow as you like, dampening your brush a little with water to produce a richer and more vivid color. Apply the eyeshadow to your eye’s inner corners and lightly cover the area in the middle.

We must now combine all of the colors. To achieve this, carefully apply a little coral or peach eyeshadow to the area where gold and purple converge. For maximum results, massage the surface softly rather than using swiping motions. For a smokey appearance that is flawless, use a blending brush.

The hot pink eyeshadow we started with as the foundation for our Bollywood makeup now likely appears faded in the crease. For a crisper appearance, you might define it once more with a small amount of the same colour.

Remember to take care of your bottom lash line! Apply some sparkly gold makeup to the inner corners of your eyes, and use the same vibrant purple eyeshadow you’ve always used to define the lower lash line. The most crucial step to transforming your vibrant eye makeup into a Bollywood one is to adopt the winged eyeliner style popularized by Bollywood actors. Apply mascara to complete the look. Enjoy!


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