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A Fashion Stylist’s Guide to Date Night Outfits for Men

No matter if it’s your first or fourth date, you want to leave a lasting impression. This entails paying close attention to every minute detail of each date, including your personal attire, in the early stages of a relationship. Even if you don’t give your outfit much care on a daily basis, you should when you’re going out with a particular someone.

Even if it’s simply a casual outing, making an effort to dress nicely for your date communicates that you care and that the date is important to you. What you dress can reveal a lot about your personality. In fact, according to research1, even minor modifications to your look can influence how other people perceive you.

The sole issue?

You might think that you lack the fashion sense necessary to put together a respectable outfit. If you’re used to walking about in your old favorite jeans and shoes, it could be difficult to put together a cute date night outfit for a fancy restaurant. We spoke with seasoned stylist Michelle Barrett to assist you in selecting the right clothing for every date. Below, she offers her advice along with a few costume suggestions.

Personal stylist Michelle Barrett has previously worked with stars including Katy Perry and Ewan McGregor. At Capsule Closet Stylist, she assists clients in creating capsule wardrobes.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Outfit

On a date, choosing what to wear shouldn’t be done at random. In addition to dressing appropriately for the type of date you’re going on, there are a few go-to outfits that can be worn in a number of settings (more on that in a moment). When you’re going through your closet or visiting the mall, bear these things in mind.

Date and Time

Is your date in the early or late hours? Dates in the morning that involve going out for coffee or brunch are typically more laid-back. You won’t go out to lunch dressed in a button-down and dress pants. Evening dates typically err on the side of dressing up, though obviously it depends on where you’re going.


When choosing what to dress, keep in mind where you’re going on the date. You should dress more formally if you’re going to an expensive restaurant. a stroll through the park It’ll do with a shirt and some nice jeans. You can always check if there is a dress code before attending an event or a country club to avoid any shocks.

Who is Your Date?

Never ever wear something that feels wholly out of character for you. Having said that, when choosing an outfit, you should also consider the personality of your date. Try to flatter your date, Barrett advises. “If your date appears to be very intelligent in all of their profile pictures, you should be as well. If not, you have the option of dressing more casually.” Again, remain true to yourself, but take note of their fashion preferences.

How Well-Kept Your Clothes Are

Even if you’re wearing a stunning button-down shirt in the ideal shade, the impression will be mostly lost if it’s wrinkled and/or damaged. Barrett advises, “Make sure the garments are clean and pressed.” There are two types of appearances: casual and messy.

two guys out together
Style Suggestions

Particularly if you are a fashion novice, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find a suitable date dress. To assist make things easier to handle, keep in mind these common suggestions.
Get Guidance From a Friend Barrett suggests, if at all feasible, seeking advice from a friend you can trust (or maybe a sibling or cousin). She explains, “A good friend will see you from the standpoint of your date.” They can assist you put one together or be honest with you about what they think of your look.

Don’t overdo the color!

Bright colors are fine, but if you want to leave a certain impression, you might want to stick to the basics. Barrett advises choosing a suit in one of the following colors: navy, white, charcoal grey, red, dark green, or stone, claiming that these colors can be used as a base for almost any form of attire and accessory. Avoid using loud logos or graphic designs that can come off as a touch too informal. “Make sure your appearance does not speak for you. Be classic and straightforward “She does so.

Being yourself

It’s not necessary to pretend to be someone else in order to find the perfect dress. Instead of wearing a suit that makes you feel uncomfortable, if you’re the man who always wears jeans and shoes, just figure out how to dress that look up. In Barrett’s words, “you will have to keep that up if you dress in something that is too far apart from who you are and wind up going on another date.” Additionally, dressing in something you enjoy will make you feel more assured.

While your date will probably take note of your attire in some way, the main goal of the date is for you two to get to know one another. Do not stress about attempting to impress your date with pricey attire or tight clothing that accentuates your figure, Barrett advises. The purpose of the first date is for you both to decide whether you want to go out on another date. Make sure to dress appropriately while also letting some of your personality show through.

Maintain your comfort

Verify that your attire feels as good as it does. That implies staying away from anything that is uncomfortable or calls for several alterations. You don’t want to be distracted, and it will impact your confidence if you’re actually uncomfortable in your clothing.

Construct a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a collection of basic garments that can be combined to create a variety of looks. Capsule wardrobes typically place more of an emphasis on timeless, classic apparel than on pieces that are overly trendy. A solid capsule wardrobe may take some time to develop, but it will ultimately make getting dressed much simpler.

What Not to Wear While it’s fun to express yourself and wear something different, there are still some outfits you should probably stay away from, especially if it’s one of your first few dates with this person.

Barrett advises against using anything that is “too bright, patterned, or contentious.” She also suggests staying away from anything that is too trendy or old-fashioned for you. “Don’t try to dress like a teenager before you got married if you are dating again after a divorce. You don’t have to dress like your dad as a result; you can still be chic and fashionable.”

Ideas for a date outfit

When it comes to going on dates, having a fantastic capsule wardrobe is essential. Barrett advises putting the following items in your closet:

a simple white shirt with buttons
A pair of straight-leg jeans in a medium to dark wash
a solid-colored knit or jersey sweater without a large logo
A thin, black suit
Several blue, white, black, or grey t-shirts with solid colors or stripes
Black brogue shoes or something comparable
a set of neutral-colored sneakers (think navy, grey, black, white, or charcoal)
a casual shirt in navy, bottle green, grey, or black with checks or plaid.
a relaxed set of chino-style pants
a solid-colored neutral polo shirt
You may put together a variety of ensembles from this tiny inventory, according to your date and your destination, she explains. For instance, “You may wear a black suit, brogues, and a simple white shirt if you are going out to dinner with a sophisticated date. Alternately, you may still wear the suit and pair it with a t-shirt or polo shirt to seem smart but not like you just left the workplace.”

Ideas for a Casual Daytime Date Outfit

In general, daytime dates are less formal than evening ones (unless you have an event or daytime wedding, of course). Barrett advises keeping things more casual or smart casual rather than overly fancy. “You have made an effort and do not seem like you have just gotten out of bed,” is how smart casual is defined.

Barrett’s list of simple costume options for a compact wardrobe includes:

Putting on a striped t-shirt, dark straight jeans, and sneakers
With a casual shirt, dark straight-leg pants, and sneakers
hoodie, sneakers, and dark straight jeans
Pants in the chino style and a sweatshirt or t-shirt
To keep the look informal in a positive way, make sure the clothing is well-kept and stick to solid colors rather than graphic motifs.

Ideas for a Stylish Night Date Outfit

You should often put more care into your appearance for an evening date. According to Barrett, “you are more likely to be heading someplace that would require a dress code.” “Check where you’re going before you go, especially if your date recommended it.”

Depending on where you’re going, she advises choosing a smarter or more formal style. Some ideas from her minimalist clothing are:

White shirt, a suit jacket, and jeans
Jeans, a suit jacket, and a striped t-shirt
Shirtless in casual fashion and chino pants
Pants in the chino style and a polo shirt

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