A Tribute To Karl Lagerfeld And His Legacy

An internationally renowned and adored fashion icon has passed away. At the age of 85, Karl Lagerfeld, who helped develop the fashion business, transitioned to the afterlife.

Supermodels like Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, and countless others shared personal tributes and stories to show their sorrow over the tragedy.

Many people are just speechless. Instead, Melania Trump opted to post pictures of Karl’s design draught for her first White House appearance.

When Mr. Lagerfeld moved to Paris as a young adult from pre-war Germany, he began working as a design assistant for Balmain before moving on to fashion firms like Chloe and Fendi in the 1960s.

Yves Saint Laurent and the designer shared the International Wool Secretariat award for finest coat design when they were both just 21 years old. We had no idea that Yves and Karl would wind up competing in their field on a professional and romantic level.

But undoubtedly, it was his work with Chanel that catapulted him to the level of renown that is now widely known.

Everyone recognised Karl by his unique uniform, which included his trademark high necked suit and tie, dark glasses, and silver ponytail pushed back.

This pioneer pioneered high-low fashion collaborations like his partnership with H&M. Karl Lagerfeld was also recognised for promoting up-and-coming designers, many of whom had success, such as Victoria Beckham.

Naturally, a tribute to Lagerfeld would not be complete without mentioning his cat Choupette. I am like a parody of myself, and I appreciate that, as the current king of fashion once stated. That remark obviously involves Choupette!

Lagerfeld added elegance and sophistication to commonplace items. He gained notoriety for his abhorrence of sweatpants and his amazing capacity to both motivate others and stay enthused during the course of his career.

The designer received some criticism for, among other things, stating that he disagreed with Germany’s policy of welcoming immigrants and for how superficially he saw the #metoo movement.

There is also room for a new shining knight to enter the fray and use their clairvoyant grace to save the fashion industry. We lament Karl and the gap he left in the globe until the new leader is less uncertain.

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