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A Woman Is Prepared to Leave Her Husband After He Kept Scaring Her & Reddit Has Her Back

Being weak is challenging. Sharing your worries, emotions, or outright trauma might make you feel vulnerable, so it’s better to approach the issue with compassion. As a result, when one Redditor confided in her spouse about her fear of fire only to discover him making fun of her with a lighter, she had second thoughts about their relationship. And, to be completely honest, Reddit members shared her experience.

After her husband repeatedly forgot about her allergies and pregnancy, a pregnant woman banned avocados. Reddit Laughed In Horror

Unknownuser588 posted about a recent incident with her husband on the /AmITheAsshole SubReddit. She originally revealed that, despite therapy, she experienced a horrific incident as a child that has taken a long time to heal from.

This does imply that my husband gets annoyed by some things, she stated. “For example, when we decided to buy a house, I asked if we could get an electric stove or replace the gas one. He was annoyed, but he agreed.

Other aspects of her genuine, in-person dread that irritate him — yes, irritate him? The need that she maintain a safe distance from a grill.

When she went to give him a back embrace that involved wrapping her arms around his shoulders one evening, he immediately pulled a lighter out of his pocket and held it close to her, she wrote. “I panic and run away from the lighter. When he finally puts it away, I scream at him while sobbing and demand to know his reasoning. He informed me that he was tired of my shenanigans and had heard of exposure therapy.

“Do you think I overreacted?”

The overwhelming majority of people said, “Hell, no!”

He shouldn’t be putting his exposure treatment theories to the test unless he’s qualified to do so and you give your permission, claimed CrystalQueen3000. He was acting like AH. You can’t help but react to what he did right away, and if he feels bad, well, he should. What he did was improper.

Some even reminded the original poster that the “irritations” she had listed weren’t actually bothersome enough to warrant noting. Others concurred.

But the tale behind the poster didn’t end there. She gave an update on the matter in a another thread, noting that three days after the incident, her spouse still hadn’t gotten back to her. She approached him and informed him she no longer trusted him because of his actions.

She stated, “He rolled his eyes and dismissed it, claiming it wasn’t that big of a concern. I only responded, “I know that my trauma may be unpleasant to him, but that didn’t give him the right to do that. It was a significant matter for me.”

She initially succeeded in convincing him to sign up for marriage counseling. However, each time the appointment was scheduled, he would skip out.

After that, what? The user set her engagement ring on the table and walked away. The last straw, she added, was that.

Yes, pause for a hell.

The truth is that trauma associated with mental health is serious business. We want the people who support us to be able to take these aspects of who we are seriously and affirm it by not being absolute d-bags about how it affects them. Leaving a nasty spouse behind, like this Reddit user, may be the most essential boundary you ever set because a toxic marriage will only worsen mental health.

In the end, the OP said that she is finding healing among those who are not irritated by her experience.

She commented, “I’m forever grateful to you, Reddit, for all your wonderful remarks. I’m very grateful to you all for giving me the willpower to take care of myself and for helping me remember that my trauma is not bothersome and shouldn’t be viewed as a joke.

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