A Yogi Created A Body Positive Program That Proves Strong > Skinny, And You Need To Try It

Numerous folks sign up for a training regimen that doesn’t guarantee six-pack abs, and I believe the “why” is an intriguing tale for the readers. Erin Motz, the founder of Bad Yogi, designed the program, which is referred to as the Perfect Body Yoga Program. This yoga-focused fitness regimen is founded on the idea that the healthiest form of your current body is what constitutes your “ideal” physique.

There is a brand-new workout regimen in town, and we don’t believe it to be a passing trend. It is founded on the unusual claim that it won’t guarantee a “6 pack,” and the explanation for this will certainly shock you.

The “Perfect Body Yoga Program” was started by Erin Motz, the creator of Bad Yogi. This is so because it values health over being a size 0 and is founded on the idea that the healthiest form of your current skin is the “ideal” body. We can support body positive fitness like that!

With a 26k Instagram following and 108k Facebook fans, the yoga-based fitness program already has thousands of fans.

Because it’s an at-home program (ideal for us with gym phobia and a need to be antisocial while sweating), and because it prioritizes health over appearance and teaches us how to be confident and take control of our own bodies to fit our wants and needs instead of the media’s, we adore Erin and her body positive message.

The Perfect Body Yoga Program focuses on increasing flexibility and strength so that we can become more resilient from the inside out. In contrast to unrealistic waist-trainer-achieved bodies, it gives these things value. Sex isn’t measured by a number on a scale; rather, it’s about supporting one another and learning to appreciate your own body, always choosing strength over thinness.

It includes 12 HD yoga courses that last between 30 and 40 minutes, eight guided meditations, and a comprehensive eating manual that demonstrates how to acquire control without needing to follow absurd restrictions or spend money on complicated recipes. In 8 weeks, she guarantees that you’ll notice and feel a difference. She guarantees a refund if you don’t within 30 days; now that’s customer support we can get behind!

Erin demonstrates why having a little cellulite is okay! She claims to be proud of her so-called “flaws,” and we find them lovely. Erin advises us to continue to enjoy life, consume healthy food, and avoid over-exerting ourselves to the point of tiredness. In her opinion, achieving optimal health and feeling fantastic while doing it should go hand in hand, and “your workout should energize, not deplete you.”

Given that the program lasts for only two months and is reasonably priced at just over $100, consumers claim it is a better overall investment than a monthly yoga studio membership. Her website features inspirational testimonies that are motivating. Even seasoned yoga teachers give the program high marks.

Yoga not only helps us get physically stronger, but it also helps us become emotionally stronger. If losing weight is not your primary objective, yoga can help you find your center and manage stress. With the help of this program, you will get stronger from the inside out and be able to stand taller both practically and figuratively.


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