All Truth About Ali Tate-Cutler

Many people have criticised Victoria’s Secret for their lack of diversity. In spite of the fact that they were still quite thin, the company formerly saw their brunette models as examples of “diversity.”

This lingerie company has consistently hired stunning women for nearly fifty years. But the definition of beauty has to be altered. This particularly incensed many each year during the brand’s renowned Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

But everything changed in 2019. A size 14 plus-size model who worked on a campaign for Bluebella Lingerie, Ali Tate-Cutler, was hired in an effort to improve their terrible reputation. VS has never employed models larger than a size 12 in the past. Despite being a step in the right direction, Victoria’s Secret still has a long way to go in terms of body inclusiveness.

Ali avoided going through a casting process like many models have and instead secured a job directly with the business. “Body positivity is extremely crucial because [it’s] time we love our bodies in order to transcend them,” she told Life & Style. What really matters is our character and who we are in the world. This is the first concrete step towards VS becoming more approachable to the majority of women in the nation because she also mentioned that the average size of women in America is a size 14.

Modeling helped her love herself

The model claimed that, in a society where physical attractiveness is frequently determined by a scale reading, fashion had really taught her to love the skin she was in. She was introduced to models that were larger than a size 14 and very attractive thanks to plus size modelling. She needed her brain to realise that she was attractive at any size as a result, which helped. Milk and Muse Model Management are now Ali Tate-agents. Cutler’s.

A podcast host

Ali Tate-Cutler is a self-love advocate who also runs the lifestyle podcast “The Love You Give.” Recent episodes have explored issues such as fat positivity, eliminating oppression, cancelling culture, and other traumas. Imagine it as the hip older sis who encourages wellness and self-care through difficult but essential dialogues.

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A #loveyourself campaign with Bluebella Lingerie and Victoria’s Secret

Ali was definitely the ideal choice for the campaign because these brands collaborated on it and it celebrated self-love. Bluebella’s designs were highlighted in the campaign as being worn by “diverse, strong women,” and they were sold in the U.S. and U.K.

She applauded VS on their attempts towards inclusivity

While many criticise VS for adding inclusion perhaps too late in the process, Cutler praised the company for taking its customers’ feedback into account. We concur with Ali; as long as women of various shapes and sizes are taken care of, we have no issues.

A healthy lifestyle change after her dad’s cancer

Tate-Cutler wasn’t always so concerned with health. She lately only decided to go completely vegan and started doing frequent juice cleanses. She previously lived on meat and played professional soccer in London. Her father had diabetes and severe prostate cancer at the time. The prognosis was dire, but he healed after starting a three-month juice fast. She is not the only person to change their lifestyle; her parents also did so, giving up their California restaurant to move to the spiritual community of Tree of Life in Arizona and intensify their concentration on wellness.

She suffered from mental health issues related to her curves

Today’s overweight girls look up to Ali as a big role model, but Ali wasn’t always that self-assured. She struggled to accept herself after being surrounded by skinny models and Western beauty ideals. She had “disordered eating” even before she started modelling and from a young age, but she didn’t get over her mental health problems until she understood that true inner happiness doesn’t come from what we purchase, how we look, or what we wear.

Not everyone is happy about Ali being hired

Despite the fact that this is a day of celebration for all women, the fashion industry still has unrealistic ideas of what the average woman should look like, and plus-size models account for only around 1% of the mainstream modelling market. We still have a long way to go until all fashion companies jump on the inclusivity bandwagon because diversity is still a big problem for many of them. However, Ali is crucial in assisting in changing this depressing reality.

She’s said some controversial things the past

Although Ali Tate Cutler is now a body positivity champion, she wasn’t always a role model. She was actually a long way from it. However, we have all made errors and spoken hurtful things at some point or another; the essential thing is to learn from them. Tate-Cutler once said, “I do care about the excessive amounts of carbon, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions it takes to develop a large person; the number of animals that have to be murdered; the amount of exploitation that is going on to create fat. Simply said, being overweight is harmful for the environment.

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