All You Need To Know About Magnetic Lashes

The false eyelash market is officially obsessed, and the game is constantly changing. It’s obvious that women want longer lashes despite the sea of growth serums, curling or extension tools, and mascaras that lengthen lashes. Magnetic eyelashes are the obvious DIY alternative to false eyelashes because they are easy to apply and less expensive than visiting technicians (also: quarantine). They may curve more easily because of the magnets.

How do magnetic eyelashes function?

False lashes are typically applied with adhesive glue, however magnetic eyelashes attach to your lash line and other eyelashes with the help of small, imperceptible magnets. Full strips and accent lashes are available from many brands. The accent lashes often have three magnets or fewer, whereas the strip lashes typically have four magnets.

Natural lashes are sandwiched between two strips that are held together by magnets in the sandwiching technique used by technology.

Applying magnetic lashes

Always adhere to the detailed instructions that came with your magnetic lash set because every brand is unique. Here are some general pointers, though. Apply mascara first so that your eyelashes have more hold. After that, place the top line of the upper magnetic lash. The magnets in the under magnetic lash should curl and lock into place beneath your natural lash line after you have placed it there.

To make things simpler, some brands offer lashes with tweezer-like applicators, but you can also apply eyelashes by hand.

By no means is applying magnetic lashes simple, but with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it and find that the process is much less painful than applying any other type of false eyelashes.

Gently lift the top lash while pulling the bottom one down to separate the lashes. Additionally, top and bottom magnets can be separated from one another by themselves. Avoid yanking them off abruptly as this damages the surface. Use your thumb and index finger to slide.

Are safe magnetic lashes?

The glue and adhesive that are often painful to remove are much riskier than magnetic eyelashes. Additionally, magnetic lashes are more environmentally friendly for our planet and last a lot longer than lash glue, which frequently results in a messy situation.

Your vision, eye movements, or any other eye issues are not disturbed by magnets. Even though they are safe for everyday use, you should make sure that if you are having an MRI that anything that contains magnets counts as jewelry or a piercing. The fact that they aren’t noticed as artificial additions is a benefit, but you never know if your doctor will forget to remind you.

Considerations Before Purchasing Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes that are curled make it easier for them to adhere to the natural shape of the eye. Keep in mind that the ones that are flat with no curve are more difficult to apply. You won’t even notice you are wearing them, and you can even wear them with glasses. The curve prevents that digging sensation in the eye corners.

Materials: Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Magnetic eyelashes are available in silk, human hair, mink, and synthetic varieties. The best materials are mink, silk, and human hair because synthetic alternatives can look unnatural and plastic-like.

Do you prefer a uniform, all-over appearance or merely a slight improvement at the corners or center? Purchase strips with at least two magnets if possible.

Lash length is another thing to take into account when trimming magnetic lashes; some people prefer longer lashes, while others prefer shorter ones. Since false lashes don’t naturally fit your unique eye shape, trimming is frequently necessary. You can trim the bottom and top lashes with scissors before applying them as usual. Trim your fake lashes so that the corners and middle don’t point upward. Additionally, it increases the hold.

lash care with magnets

Compared to disposable lashes, magnetic lashes last significantly longer. Before removing your hands, thoroughly dry them off. After that, gently wipe them with a cotton pad that has been slightly moistened to remove any eyeliner or mascara. Keep them secure in their storage case after that, and you’re good to go!

best brands of magnetic lashes

One Two Lash’s Katy Stoka created the first magnetic eyelash in history. Professionals advise using both Ardell Magnetic Lashes and Lash FX Magnetic Eyelashes because Ardell uses 100% human hair for a realistic appearance and minimal aftercare. They have a curve, which is something to note. Lashes range in price from $14 to $70 depending on the quality and materials used.

Drugstores also sell less expensive kit options.

Overall, magnetic lashes offer you a reusable alternative that is more comfortable, durable, and safe for your eyes overall. While your lash technician is unavailable due to COVID-19, give them a try.


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