All You Need To Know About Mineral Oil And How To Use It

Mineral oil is a popular ingredient in many products but recently it’s been acquiring a bad connotation. Some individuals perceive it as a miraculous component that can solve all of their issues, while others think it’s nearly useless at it’s best and detrimental at its worst. So which one is it? Today we’re going to examine those questions and tell you all there is to know about mineral oil and what it can be used for.

Mineral Oil Uses

Mineral oil has various uses. It’s typically used to treat skin disorders, earwax buildup, it’s widely utilized when caring for babies, it’s a known remedy for constipation. Mineral oil is widely used as a component in skincare, hair treatments, cosmetics. There’s even such a thing as food-grade mineral oil, but it’s not used in cooking, instead, it’s used to coat machines and utensils used in food preparation.

What Is Mineral Oil

So we know mineral oil is found in numerous items but what is it? What is mineral oil comprised of? It’s a clear and odourless oily substance that is actually a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to generate gasoline. It seems unusual and a bit alarming but it’s actually pretty similar but not quite the same as petroleum jelly.

Mineral Oil For Skin

Mineral oil is widely used in skin care products and many people ask is mineral oil unhealthy for your skin. The answer is fairly tough. It’s certainly safe for skin. After all, baby oil is created from mineral oil. So let’s just put it this way, if it’s safe for babies, it’s safe for you. However, mineral oil has just one purpose, it produces a barrier on the skin and protects anything from getting out or in. So it can operate as a protective barrier that will keep your skin from drying out its dry climate, and it may be applied on top of moisturizer to lock the moisture in. But if you have oily skin, it will trap the oils in your pores, preventing them from getting out and that can cause some breakouts.

Mineral Oil For Hair

Mineral oil is typically seen in detangling and smoothing hair products. It won’t moisturize your hair per se, but it can coat the strand and make it look smooth, shining and so provide the appearance of healthy hydrated hair. However, that will only work until you wash it off. If you have dry frizzy hair it won’t fix your condition from within, it’s a topical remedy. Mineral oil is also sometimes used to treat dandruff. You’re supposed to massage it into your scalp and let it on for an hour, then wash it off with shampoo. It’s claimed to settle down the inflamed and dry skin on your scalp and prevent additional flaking.

Mineral Oil For Ears

Mineral oil can be utilized for your ears also, specifically to get rid of excess earwax or eliminate earwax blockage. A drop or two of mineral oil into the ear canal might assist to soften the wax buildup which can then be rinsed out with water.

Mineral Oil For Feet

If you live in a dry or chilly region you know that our feet suffer from such weather conditions. The skin becomes dry, the heels of our feet can split and peel. Mineral oil is commonly used as a technique to smooth the rough skin on your feet and assist to treat dry cracked heels. All you have to do is apply it to your feet and put socks on before you go to bed.


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