Amazing Benefits Of Shea Butter, And 11 Uses For It

What is shea butter?

Shea butter comes from the shea tree, which is less often known as Butyrospermum parkii. This tree comes from Central Africa, where it is regarded sacred. The nuts from the tree generate shea butter by these steps: remove the outer shell, crush them by hand, and slowly roast them into the butter. Afterwards, this butter is kneaded in a wide basin of water, which helps to separate the oils aka fatty acids. The fatty acids are the sought elements that have countless skincare advantages to restore your glow. People have been consuming shea butter for ages, with Cleopatra as one of its most renowned users. Here are all the healing uses and benefits that shea butter may provide to your skin.

Where do shea butter’s advantages come from?

There are several active components in shea butter that assist make your skin brilliant. This is attributed to antioxidant vitamins A,E, and F together with nutritious triglycerides. Shea also contains palmitic, oleic, stearic, and linoleic fatty acids, which balance your skin’s natural oils. Finally, cetyl esters give shea butter its waxy quality and locks hydration in.

1. Anti-inflammation

Shea butter is a cheap but excellent moisturizer that has anti-inflammatory effects. This is excellent for persons with many kinds of skin concerns. So many items on the market nowadays have synthetic substances and chemicals. But shea is all-natural, it conditions the skin with some significant strength.

2. Anti-aging

Stop spending hundreds on all types of solutions – that’s just expensive marketing. Raw shea butter supports the regeneration of cells while softening skin, which in turn can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Hair moisturizer

Yes, shea butter may be used on your hair and scalp – it’s not just for skin. It’s very much a one-stop beauty shop. Warm shea butter to soften it, then rub throughout the scalp and hair, leaving on for 20 minute. Afterwards, rinse this mask, add shampoo and conditioner, and witness the results! If you’re worried about oily strands, only apply to the ends.

4. Use it as a mask

If your skin is parched and in severe need of a facial, forgo the spa and blend these items at home: a tablespoon of raw honey, a few drops of grapeseed oil, and a tablespoon of pure shea butter. First, cleanse your face, and then, apply this mask.

5. Cracked skin

Many of the body moisturizers you use aren’t so effective on cracked heels and elbows, as well as decreasing the effects of windburn on the skin. Shea penetrates deeply, which hydrates more deeply and lasts longer.

6. Stretch marks

After weight loss/gain or pregnancy, it’s normal for women to have stretch marks, and many choose for laser treatments as a remedy. However, the high vitamin A level in shea butter will ensure that stretch marks naturally vanish on their own, or at least have a decreased look.

7. Diaper rash

Can’t seem to discover the perfect diaper rash remedy for your baby’s sensitive skin? Raw shea butter is all you need! Thanks to its inflammation fighting qualities and anti-fungal properties, It also regenerates cells and increases collagen production, which both heal diaper rash ASAP.

8. Good for sensitive skin

A lot of individuals are cautious about DIY or all-natural treatments if they have sensitive skin. If nothing you attempt appears to work, you can trust that soothing shea butter will put that skin irritation to an end. Fancy lotions can’t stand up against a seed-based moisturizer, which replicates your skin’s natural oils.

9. No side effects – unless you have a nut allergy

There’s a misconception out there that shea butter clogs pores, however that only happens when you utilize oils from a fruit/plant flesh, like coconut oil. The fatty acids in shea butter essentially resemble sebum in our own body, so there’s no greasy feeling. There’s no recorded topical shea butter allergies, although if you’re sensitive to nuts it’s definitely preferable to keep away.

10. Natural sunscreen

Many of us don’t use skincare products packed with SPF, yet it’s vital. Even on the frigid days, sun destroys facial skin. Luckily, shea butter is a natural form of sunscreen, however it has a low SPF level of 6. Still, it’s better than nothing! It can be administered to prevent sunburn, as well as cure the affects of a burn.

11. Use as an all over body moisturizer

It’s not restricted to your hair and your face — you can really use shea butter to moisturize your complete body. Slather it on every limb – especially when the temperature is chilly, or if you live in a dry climate. Gently rub it in until it’s totally absorbed, but remember that a very small quantity goes a long way.


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