Andie MacDowell Recalls Her First Panic Attack

It might surprise you to learn that Andie MacDowell, 64, suffers from anxiety given her unashamedly strong presence both on and off-screen (especially considering how she decided to let her “badass” grey mane show). She described how her first panic attack, which happened inconveniently while she was working, in a recent interview with Marie Claire.

It occurred at the same time as the #MeToo movement, which raised awareness of sexual assault (especially in Hollywood) and prompted survivors to unite and share their experiences. As rumours about former President Trump’s obscene remarks about women and film producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long abuse of women swirled, MacDowell admitted to the magazine that she felt uncomfortable being surrounded by “a sea of males” on set.

  • Andie MacDowell opened up about experiencing her first panic attack.
  • It happened when she was on set with “a sea of men,” she said, adding: “It flashed on something that was personal for me.”
  • The actress previously opened up about her experience with anxiety, particularly when it comes to being social.

“I dropped to my knees. I left the room.”

I was getting ready to film something when I turned around and saw a room full of males, she continued. similar to a sea of men It flashed on a subject that was intimate to me.Then got down on my knees. I went into the set’s makeshift restroom after leaving the room, looked in the mirror, and yelled at myself, “Get your sh*t together.” Simply not seeing any other women worried me out. Not that I dislike men in any way. I don’t! Simply put, I don’t like them in large groupings. Since then, I’ve been very aware of searching for the women on the set. to be cozy.

Then the pandemic struck, and MacDowell had to deal with a brand-new form of social anxiety after having to return to work following lockdowns. She even spoke openly and vulnerable about it after going to a gathering in November. I struggle with social anxiety. When I’m out, I constantly evaluate my performance to see if I’m doing a good job,” she posted on Instagram. It’s like I always have this critic with me, and sometimes the critic’s voice just gets in the way of a good conversation. Other times, I’m totally at ease, at home, and in the moment.

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She acknowledged that she is “very sensitive” and that her nervousness fluctuates based on her mood when speaking about the obstacle with Marie Claire. She stated, “I went on my own the other night to [the Saint Laurent pre-Oscars] party and I did extremely well. “But it’s difficult when you enter by yourself! You’re speaking to someone, but you’re unsure if you’re talking too much because you can hear your own voice in your brain. However, everyone is actually acting the same way.

The Groundhog Day star emphasized the value of social interaction in a post on Instagram. The day after she performed, she stated, “I have to have a #strong talk with the critic [in my head] and tell them not [to] dissect every move I make.” “We are here to support and love each other and recognize how truly vulnerable we are because we are human,”

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