Are Feather Brows The Hottest Makeup Trend?

These days, trends function in mysterious ways. Previously, in order for something to become popular, you had to first see it on television, a runway, or at the very least in a magazine. But these days, it seems like every trend originates online. And occasionally all it takes to spark a trend is a simple Instagram post. Stella Sironin, a makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland, experienced this. She once shared a photo of herself with an odd-looking brow on social media with the remark, “So i’m starting this new brow trend pls copy it and wear it everyday and don’t forget to tag me like and subscribe and click that bell button.” She assumed that it would be obvious that it is a joke, but her followers didn’t fully get the joke and took it seriously. We thought you might be interested in seeing how the “feather brow” appearance was recreated on the internet.

1. To start, here is Stella’s original image from which the trend originated.

2. This is one of the earliest examples of feathered brows, complete with purple eyeshadow.

3. Do you want a riskier, slightly gothic look?

4. Elegant use of eyeliner and feathered brows.

5. A versatile everyday appearance for feathered eyebrows.

6. An imaginative interpretation. Love the color combinations in this outfit, I must admit. It managed to make feathered brows appear entirely natural.

7. A little gold to dress things up for an important event or a night out.

8. This choice appears like a terrific appearance for the runway or the chilly winter months.

9. A sharp feather brow style. Is it just us, or does it appear completely OK at this point?

10. Stella, the person who unintentionally launched this trend, shared another photo of herself with feather brows and said, “Note to self: when u make a joke about creating a funny brow fad people will take it seriously and…. well. start the trend.
Anyway, THANK YOU for the positive and negative feedback on my previous image! If you truly want to reproduce this, please use the hashtag and tag me in the photo. I think we should call these “feather eyebrows.”

11. When the furor over feather brows didn’t abate, Stella felt the need to clarify a few things, so she posted this image and stated the following:
“Okay, this is definitely out of control, and while it’s hilarious and fantastic, I wanted to explain a few things:
1. In the caption of my first photo, I made fun of the cosmetics and joked about beginning a trend.
2. Please don’t give me credit for using glue on my brows; drag queens have done it for eons.
3. I get that eyebrows are a sacred area of the face, but why is playing with brows such a peculiar makeup trend when there is lip art, eye art, and so much other creative makeup?


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