Baker Nina Gudkova Creates Whimsical Berry And Pastel Cakes

A frequent pleasure for many of us has been eating dessert, especially given the erratic course that 2020 has taken thus far. But at least we have Nina Gudkova’s Instagram account, which is loaded with sweets, as a backup. Her designs mix freshness, color, and aesthetic to produce amusing delicacies that resonate with us far more than the already-existing, painstakingly produced Insta-perfection.

This baker and pastry chef’s distinctive style heavily emphasizes texture. She enjoys coating objects in whipped finishes, various berries, and pastel hues. The “Friends Forever” baking company, which was founded by Nina’s own cafe, is controlled by this goddess. She is now well known for her cakes, cookies, and many other baked goods.

One reviewer called it the “most delicious cake I ever had” and compared the establishment to a cake shop created by Willy Wonka. Nina’s online reviews give the impression that anybody who eats there has had a little taste of heaven.

The reviewer is not mistaken. Gudkova makes a lot of cakes that are all about fantasy and escape. Imagine a single piece that is sandwiched between hundreds of crepe cake layers that contain fresh cream, fluffy marshmallow layers, caramel ribbons, and fresh fruit that tastes like it was picked from an orchard.

This pavlova, which resembles a cloud and is a tribute to traditional Russian pastries, is one of this beauty’s more recent inventions. Combining strawberries, figs, pavlova, and strawberry cake capture the essence of summer and exudes a romantic air. While we’re all cooped up indoors, let’s try to duplicate this dessert!

We are in awe of Nina Gudkova’s skillful use of berries in her cakes. It might even qualify as berry art. She crowds and loads them onto various surfaces in a way that demonstrates a natural aptitude for this kind of work. Other cake decorators frequently rely on drawn-on flowers or intricate fondant art to lend the va-va-voom quality to their cakes.

Additionally, she has a distinctive brush stroke feather style that frequently appears in her work, such as on the top of these miniature cakes. A princess would feel right at home in this cotton candy dream setting, which also includes pink and blue-encrusted biscuits next to the pastel peacock cheesecakes.

That is one method of approaching pancakes. Increase the number of berries, crepe cake strategies, and creamy fillings to melt over your tastebuds. Try it out, crunchy toppings and all, it looks a little less complex than some of her other creations (but just as towering)!

Nina prefers raspberries over other fruit topping alternatives, and we were going to be a little judgmental about it, but this cake’s whirling night sky has truly made us rethink that. Before descending into a star-studded cake, a fudgy layer of brownies is covered by a delicate mountain of indigo blackberries and blueberries. This birthday creation was inspired by Harry Potter, which is entirely understandable.

Berry mountains appear to be yet another area of expertise for this queen. We’re trying to get to that lusciously gooey layer of leak coming over the sides of this mountain range of a cake, but we’re not sure if it’s just layers of berries on berries beneath there or if there’s a secret layer of cake.

This year’s Easter must have seen Nina completely sold out of orders! and It turns out that she is not just a unicorn-tinted confectionery queen but also an expert at manufacturing her own marshmallows. These blue and lavender swirled marshmallows, which have all the colors of a bath bomb and all the flavors of a camping favorite, are a daily must for us to keep in our cupboards.

Whether they are bought from the shop or created by a loved one, snowballs or other coconut-covered desserts are a favorite childhood pleasure for many. In a way Nina hasn’t yet demonstrated, this dipped blueberry, strawberry, and coconut treat incorporates fruit in a distinctive, berry-free way. This time, a Caribbean-inspired blue base is topped with pastel colors.

You can certainly tell that this masterpiece was made especially for Easter by the cute pink rabbit cookie wearing a bowtie that adorns each delicacy. In this instance, Nina carved a frosted cookie into the shape of a cereal bowl and filled it with a colorful mixture of Fruit Loops and strawberries on a milk-inspired foundation. The perfect color scheme for this gal was Fruit Loops.

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