Beauty Trends From The ‘90s We Should Forget About

Chokers and crop tops are two 1990s fashion styles that are making a comeback, but there are others that should remain firmly in the past. Although we appreciated the trashy era for what it was, if we saw someone wearing similar fashion trends now, we would really doubt their sanity. Here are a few unflattering fashions that belonged in the 1990s.

1. piercing the navel

Back then, we thought this was so adorable, but these days, it just seems fairly trashy. They were typically colored imitation diamonds that were paired with crop tops. To Christina and Britney’s belly rings, a shout-out RIP.

2. Colorful makeup

Bright yellow lipstick and bright purple eyeshadow? Yes, people were way too into this horrible fad of loud, clown-like makeup for a long time.

3. Thin as a pencil brows

Sincerely, we are grateful for Cara Delevingne. Because extremely thin brows do not complement any face shape and continuously make people look surprised.

4. Butterfly clips and Barrettes

There is a proper way to accessorize your hair, and this is most certainly not it. Butterfly clips should probably continue to be used by 5-year-olds who are dressing up. Additionally, barrettes are quite antiquated and have to be eliminated from your outfit.

5. Curly Hair

Ugh. Why?? Your hair suffered a ton of heat damage as a result of being crunched between a crimper with hard, gelled hair. Crimping is the way to go if you want your hair to look like fried food and a Brillo pad combined. I hope they don’t sell any more of these monstrosities.

6. Bronzer

If you’re contouring and trying to create a little depth, bronzer is acceptable. Unfortunately, that just meant “too much bronzer” in the 1990s. It was aggressively put all over the face, not only for contouring, but to simulate a phony and genuinely scary tan.

7. Frosted Cosmetics

Even though some celebrities managed to pull this off, metallic silver and baby blue frosted shadow and coordinating lipstick were a poor fit and should be avoided.

8. Frosted Tips

Although predominantly worn by men, some women also sported this hideous fashion. Your hair will typically end up appearing like spaghetti as a result. Avoiding this abomination of bleach yellow hair at all costs.

9. Glitter body

The quantity of body glitter that was permissible in the 1990s would make you the center of attention if you were seen walking down the street. Preparing for the club? Grab some glitter-infused lotion and apply it! JK. Please refrain from doing that; it will be uncomfortable and not cute.

10. Excessively Sharp Lip Liner—Usually Brown

Sincerely, this makes me think of how drag queens apply their disproportionate lips. The liner in this fashion was always much darker than the lipstick, and occasionally there was no lipstick at all (gasp!). Although there was an attempt to make it appear fuller, it typically merely appeared severely anemic and vampy

11. Casual Headpieces

Did you forget that this was a thing? Well, that’s wonderful to know. Remember when people wore tiaras to proms, social gatherings, and other informal settings that most certainly don’t call for one? Advice: If you’re not real royalty, please avoid doing this.

12. Hairstyle With Skunk Dyes

One of those responsible for this beauty faux pas is Christina Aguilara. It was made up of harsh brown or black layers underneath bleach blond layers that sat on top of your head. Skunk fashion is uncool. Usually, it was accompanied with a similarly skunky eye.


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