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Best Mutual Masturbation Positions for Hands-On Fun

Watching a partner experience sexual pleasure can easily rank among the sexiest things in the world (especially if you helped to make that pleasure happen). Getting off is one of life’s greatest joys, whether that means warm and fuzzies, sensual feelings, or a full-blown orgasm.

Mutual masturbation is essentially just another name for touching yourself or your partner (or doing a mix of both). This sort of sexual pleasure has the advantage of requiring no genital-on-genital touch, thus lowering your risk of STIs and pregnancy. Additionally, it’s a way to provide and receive pleasure without necessarily involving penetrative actions if you’re not in the mood for them.

It is a clear winner in terms of safer sex. Here are five ways you and your spouse can engage in mutual masturbation.

Ride a straddle-style sex machine

My ride-or-die recommendation for a mechanical assist is the Motorbunny (beginning at $899). It is comparable to riding a mechanical bull, except there is no danger of getting buckled and the phallus protrudes instead. I can play with my clit while maintaining eye contact with a partner who is stroking themself because to the penetrating perspective of this sex gadget. If you want to have more fun with your lover, have them sit on the edge of a bed while you set up the sex machine in front of them.


For reciprocal stimulation, this position is incredibly simple but pleasurable. Both penis- and vulva-havers will find this situation to be effective. My preferred position in bed is to sleep on one side while my spouse stands next to me with their legs slightly apart. My partner can use their hands or toys to make me feel good while I use my hands and lips on them from this position. Finding the ideal angle for body parts to connect may need some finagling, but it is definitely possible with some perseverance and practice.

Rub and go

Have a penis-having partner lie down on their back for multitasking masturbation. The vulva-owner glides their hand up and down the shaft while placing their thumb on their clit, straddling them just below their penis. To make things move even more easily, add a small amount of lubricant.


At first, lying head-to-foot, back-to-back, side-by-side could appear a little strange. But this can be a really comfortable posture if you scooch such that each of you can easily access the other’s genitals by reaching up between their legs. Not to add, you get a great view of your partner’s party location. This position enables for sufficient arm support to last the duration if your hand and forearm become fatigued after stroking or finger-banging for a long (*raises hand*).

Lazy sex

This position has been proven to work when you’re feeling very lazy. Lay next to your spouse and scissor your legs so that your genitalia brush against one another (but no penetration takes place). I enjoy rubbing my clitus to induce orgasm and feeling my partner’s penis at the opening of my vagina. From this passive position, penis-in-vagina intercourse is conceivable but not necessary for enjoyment.

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