Blonde Vs Brunette: Top 10 Celebrity Hair Transformations

Even though it seems so unimportant, your hair color may make or break your career in show business. The well-known celebrities you know and adore frequently alter their hair color to advance their careers and find success. Being blonde will significantly increase your chances of landing the part of a romantic interest in a movie. However, if you’re a brunette, you might play a powerful, resolute woman in a movie. Although we don’t claim that those are the laws, these occurrences are common. For a part, actresses frequently have to alter their hair color, but occasionally they just do it for pleasure. Let’s look at 10 celebrities that have worn both blonde and brunette hair so you can judge which looked better on them.

1. the Kardashians

Kim typically has thick, black hair. She frequently altered her hairstyles, including cutting a long bob, growing it out, sporting bangs, and curling, straightening, slicking, and braiding her hair in a variety of ways. However, the color of her hair, which is dark, never changed. Up until that one time when she changed her hair color to blonde, slicked it back at the sides, and somewhat resembled Draco Malfoy. Despite all the jokes and memes, don’t you think she still looks adorable as a blonde with a regular hairstyle?

2. Anna Paquin

At the start of her career, Anna Paquin was a brunette; nevertheless, it’s possible that the silver hair she received for X-Men is what inspired her to change her appearance. She looks fantastic in all hair colors, but blonde just seems more commanding. Or am I the only one?

3. Stephanie Lawrence

Jennifer looks fantastic in the Hunger Games as a brunette. She has a tough, badass, and mission-driven appearance. But she looked instantly more refined, sophisticated, and mature in the best manner conceivable with a blonde long bob.

4. Dakota Johnson

We didn’t really notice Dakota Johnson’s blonde hair for a long when it was in style. But the moment she went from blonde to brunette, she gained attention. Yes, Anastasia’s part in 50 Shades of Grey may have played a part, but don’t you think she looks better with black hair? Like her facial features simply stick out more rather than blend into the bland background.

5. Emma Stone

Even with her darkest hair color, Emma Stone is difficult to categorize as a brunette. Yes, it is black, but it is dark red, if you get what I mean. She did, however, become blonde for a few of the roles. She looks fantastic in either case, but in our hearts, she will always be a cute redhead.

6. Scarlett Johansson

The color of Scarlett’s hair doesn’t really matter because she is so stunning. That woman has the ability to do whatever she wants with her hair and yet look stunning. However, she does appear to look her best as a blonde. Her gorgeousness and charisma, together with her lovely blonde hair, scream classic Hollywood glamour.

7. Miranda Kerr

What can be said about Miranda Kerr, the famed Victoria’s Secret Angel? Both as a blonde and as a brunette, she is stunning. But having dark hair does give her a little more personality.

8. Rihanna

The most frequent changeer of hair color and style in the entertainment industry is Rihanna. She has completed every task. Blonde, brunette, redhead, highlights, bobs, short hair, long hair, etc. She looks beautiful no matter what, yet each of us has a favorite Rihanna hairstyle. Which one do you prefer?

9. Anne Hathaway

For the most of her acting career, Anne Hathaway wore her hair long and dark. She has experimented with several different hairstyles in recent years, wearing it short, in a bob, and with bangs, but her fans were most shocked by her decision to go blonde. When she decided to wear her short blonde hair up with a lot of volume and sort of slicked back sides, it looked extremely fashionable. She does, however, prefer having dark hair as seen by the recent return of her black hair.

10 Emma Watson

Emma Watson underwent numerous hair changes, there will undoubtedly always be a part of us that will always link her with Hermione’s bushy hair. She had been a blonde for a while, but switching to brunette made her appear more mature and like a strong, independent woman rather than a Hollywood child star.


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