Bohemian Summer: How To Wear The Boho Trend Right

Boho has been a trend that has come and gone in fashion for some time, but it appears that this summer Boho is back. However, it appears better than ever this time and is elegant yet appropriate for everyday use. Here are some pointers on what’s in style and how to wear it properly if you appreciate the bohemian aesthetic but aren’t sure how to pull it off and want to look like a stylish 2020 boho lady rather than an 80s hippy.

1. Materials

The proper textiles must be used while creating boho-chic outfits. The boho fashion trend first appeared in the 1960s and has since changed. However, it always emphasised lightweight, breathable materials, such as lace, cotton, and linen. When selecting items for your boho appearance, keep in mind that ethical and eco-friendly apparel has long been a part of the boho aesthetic.

2. Patterns

Your best options for patterns include the paisley print, which has always been a favourite among boho enthusiasts, embroidered patterns on straightforward, light dresses and shirts, and of course, lacy accents on summer dresses are also a fantastic option. Don’t go overboard, though. Not every boho print needs to be layered together in one outfit. The secret to looking boho-chic is to pick one statement piece with a design and keep the rest basic.

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3. Cuts

If you’re not careful, this is where everything could go wrong. If you don’t get the appropriate cut and silhouette, even with the right fabric and pattern, you could easily start to appear like a horrible flashback from Coachella 2004. Boho no longer has the flowing silhouettes, shapeless maxi skirts, and bizarre long flowered kimonos with lace edges as it did in the past. Even though you still want a loose-fitting garment that allows you to move freely, it is now much more basic and structured to better highlight your physique. Consider contemporary midi dresses, a maxi skirt with a slit, or a dress from the 1970s with bell sleeves, but only in one hue. Always use moderation.

4. Specifics

Today, the devil is in the details. While a dress with all-over lace is very bohemian, a white summer dress with subtle embroidery or just a touch of lace on the sleeve will appear far more stylish. If there is too much paisley design or if your dress is really long and formless, it may look garish. So be careful what you wear and keep the overall look neutral and understated enough so that the little pieces may stand out and contribute something special rather than being lost in a sea of statement designs and accessories.

5. Additions

When dressed in boho in the past, people undoubtedly went overboard with accessories. The end product simply appeared to be incredibly busy, perplexing, and, to be honest, somewhat like you were attempting to wear everything at once. It’s important to pick your accessories carefully for a beautiful bohemian style. It’s not necessary to match a fringed or embroidered bag with the same style of shoes; the bag alone makes a statement, so keep the rest understated. Ignore the rest of your jewellery if you want to wear a striking boho necklace. If your shoes have a strong bohemian aesthetic, make them the highlight of your ensemble and keep the rest understated.

6. Accessory

If you want to seem stylish, avoid wearing big, colourful earrings and necklaces as well as many rings on each finger. You can layer necklaces, but stick to two or three simple pieces rather than thirty obnoxious statement chains. Don’t wear a necklace if you’re wearing large hoop earrings or just statement gold or silver earrings. And here’s something to keep in mind: jewellery is meant to add something to the outfit, so if you’re wearing a straightforward one-color ensemble, it will become a nice touch. However, wearing jewellery when you already have a lot of patterns on is pointless because it will blend in with the rest of the ensemble.

7. Cultural Acceptance

Please avoid appropriating other cultures for the love of all that is good. Instead, explore your own culture, go back in time, seek for folkloric elements in national clothing, embroidery designs, or popular styles from yesteryear that were unique to your culture, and if you like, bring them back and wear them with pride. Look at pictures of your granny and the clothes she wore, and you might be able to locate a few minor details to add to your clothing. That will make it much more distinctive and bohemian chic.

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