Can A Long Distance Relationship Be Successful?

Let’s discuss one of the major “sore spots” in relationships today, ladies. It’s the separation. Everyone has probably had this kind of love, I think. I don’t mean a relationship or a casual liaison. I speak of the relationshipship. It always occurs by mistake. Admit that you have never experienced the bliss of falling in love with someone who lives thousands of miles away from your home. However, life can be challenging, and it doesn’t give us much time to relax. I won’t even attempt to sugarcoat it, so. I can hear the majority of you now yelling, “There’s nothing to talk about, LDRs are terrible.” Come on, ladies! But what should those fortunate people who lately found their soul mate on the other side of the world do? I am aware of the solution. They ought to adhere to this far-away relationship survival manual.

You may be sure that it will increase your chances of success and, dare I say it, even some enjoyment. Be aware that your friends may tell you to take it easy or maybe skip it. Everyone will advise you that your time is better spent elsewhere since all you will gain in the end is the fragments of your broken heart. Go ahead if you choose to ignore it. Yes, some situations may become challenging. Be aware that you will occasionally feel sad and alone. But there are also many more activities that LDRs make more enjoyable, such sharing each other’s scent, going on a stroll, eating dinner together, and sleeping close by. The small gestures that enrich our lives but go unappreciated by typical couples. These and many other things become more noticeable and priceless when you and your LDR finally get together.
Follow these 10 tried-and-true guidelines if you dare to try it and wish to maintain your long-distance relationship.

1. Communicate often yet in moderation

Really, you two don’t need to converse for 20 hours a day. Most LDR-couples make this error as their primary error. They believe that nonstop phone and Skype calls should make up for their physical separation. It won’t take you long to become sick and exhausted from it.
2. Share special moments
Send him a selfie from the gym. Show him the images from your clay master class. Introduce him to your online pals. Imagine sending him a picture of his coffee cup while you two enjoy your morning cup of joe. He will be interested in the environment you live in if he is interested in you. However, avoid using his conversation to promote your Instagram account. Recall that little is more. No spamming; everything will revolve around you two hanging out.

3. Be sincere.

Don’t take on a part where the main character is someone else. Be genuine and sincere! Avoid imagining extraneous details from your daily life in an effort to appear more intriguing than you are. Do not tell him fairy tales or overstate the case. Do not conceal your feelings. In the early stages of your relationship, talk about your feelings and values. The more sincerity displayed from the start of your relationship, the more likely it is that your love will blossom and endure for a very long time.

4. Exercise caution and focus.

Don’t forget to inquire about his friends and family. If you share your weekly plan with him and he does the same with you, it will demonstrate how considerate and engaged you are. He will be pleased to hear your note wishing him luck and success for the upcoming week or for the family meal that is planned. Follow the events in his day-to-day life and pay attention to the slightest things. That is what despite their distance, a couple becomes close. Discuss your issues and choices. Don’t be afraid to seek his counsel. You can demonstrate to him the value of his opinion in this way.

5. Be innovative and surprising to one another.

Make cupcakes that have his name on them. Visit the theater, watch the same film, and communicate with one another via Messenger. Imagine that there is no barrier separating you from the possibility of anything. Send him small tokens of appreciation, such as gift cards, that can be delivered right to his home or workplace. These specifics keep the sentimental atmosphere alive.

6. Relish the solitude

You may choose whether you want to be alone or lonely. Your life is more than just your Skype and Viber conversations. Keep in mind that you are still an individual. Live your life and enjoy each day. As long as you’re in love, remain joyful. Don’t forget to attend parties, don’t forget to go to intriguing events, and don’t forget to fill yourself up with real life. Spend more time with your family and friends now. Increase your gym visits and maintain your fitness. He’ll probably be pleased to hear how intelligent and confident you are.

7. Engage in a joint hobby.

Send music videos, suggest books, and engage in online gaming. Try the same sport or begin studying the same language. It will give you an additional chance for arguments or for discussing your outcomes and minor successes. Even though you live apart, there is nothing greater than creating and sharing experiences.
8. Create barriers to avoid embarrassing circumstances
If you already know that going to the club or having a few drinks with your friends will make your boyfriend angry, there are only two options available to you: 1) Don’t do it; 2) Talk about it beforehand and come to an agreement. Be careful not to neglect it. This kind of situation might ruin your relationship. By acting against his wishes, you render him helpless and give him the impression that you don’t care about him.

9. Create joint plans

How did your first New Year’s Eve party go? maybe the dream trip for the two of you would be to Thailand? We frequently store a lot of things aside for later. Now is the ideal time to fulfill your dreams. Set the precise dates for both the big and little activities. It provides you a point of connection.

10. Form a goal.

Don’t be reluctant to talk about your future. If we’re talking about a serious relationship, queries like “What do we aim to achieve?” “How long do we plan to be apart?” and “What do you want from this relationship?” are neither rude or demanding. These are incredibly crucial elements that maintain the growth of your relationship. It has nothing to do with enduring vows of fidelity or everlasting love. It has to do with the one short sentence that conveys a lot: “You’re the one I need.”

Now, based on their personal experiences of course, I want to share with you a collection of quotes made by some of my friends on LDRs. Each of their stories is true, so you can either trust them or not, judge them, and make your decision.

Julia : ‘OMG LDRs?! Are you serious? Skip it, honey. It’s a kind of relationship you just call every so often. It’s a total illusion. I’m not sure you are ready to gain 10 extra pounds, because your closest friends will be a cookie jar and a glass of wine on Friday evening. The only asana you can learn during this relationship period is a ‘bed shavasana’. Don’t even think about it. But you know what? I’ll always remember my 2 years in LDR-Land.’

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Iris: ‘What? Long distance relationship? It’s the most stupid decision you could ever made. But it’s the one and only kind or relationship I have.’
Anastasia: ‘Oh my goodness! It’s full of sweet moments, best compliments, all night talks and funny Skype shots. My experience lasted a year and a half. Then he got married.’
Mary‘It’s absolutely normal. This is the truest form of the modern relationship. Who needs these trite in-person dates? Sorting out the difficulties of an LDR make our life brighter. The LDR helps you to see the world and even yourself from different angles. It’s like a test of your moral virtues. It measures the level of your faith and creativity. Absolutely must-try.’
Nataly‘I believe in distance love. The only thing you need is to have a final destination. If you know even the approximate date you’ll be together forever, go ahead. In case you do it just for fun without working hard, you better stop it right now.’
Lesia‘Long distance love is hard and magical. My distance relationship has been strong and lasting for 5 years and ended up with a marriage. My husband and I have been going through the different trials and finally passed the test. I can’t even imagine what else can help people to trust each other more than distance. I really appreciate the distance we’ve had between us. This is our own love trick. It has taught us the true things and emotions most people have already lost’.