Casper Debuts New Line of Cooling Mattresses

If you haven’t heard it before, jot down this statistic now: We sleep for almost one-third of our entire lives. a third! However, your mattress is undoubtedly to blame if you’re not actually sleeping but instead tossing and turning until the early hours of the morning. Many people have found success with Casper mattresses, but until recently, your options were relatively constrained. Before now. A new selection of mattresses—eight options total—offers even more tailored methods to achieve a better night’s sleep today from the direct-to-consumer brand. And we have to admit, they’re quite awesome.

The most anticipated product introductions from Casper are Nova and Wave, two mattresses designed for different types of sleepers: those who prefer a luxurious feel and those who prefer a firm base. I tried these, along with another editor, thanks to Casper. Here’s how we rate it:

Editor Review: Casper’s Wave Mattress

“I initially believed that the mattress would be overly soft. After I had some time to reflect, I rapidly changed my mind. I didn’t have any back pain when I woke up the following morning since it had the ideal combination of softness and support. And believe me, the agony has been present for a while. The mattress’ breathability is also really outstanding. Although the mattress is said to be breathable, believe me when I say that you can actually feel air escape when you press down. Oh, and while sleeping on it, I never once kicked off the blankets.” —Sanah Faroke, the article’s associate editor and author.

Editor Review: Casper’s Nova Mattress

“You might describe me as a really hot sleeper. Even my modern comforter, which is made of airy eucalyptus fabric, is too much for me. I use a top sheet to sleep. I had my doubts when I first learned that these Casper mattresses had cutting-edge cooling technology. But I have changed, reader. I don’t get too hot while sleeping on this mattress, as you can read more about the technology used below. I had no issues even sleeping with really thick winter socks on the previous night. Additionally, this mattress has a velvety feel that is both hug-like and supportive. (Like Sanah, I get back discomfort.) If you have heated sleep patterns like I do, you should at least try out Casper’s 100-day trial. I truly think this thing is great.” — Executive digital editor Devin Tomb

Have more inquiries? We also did! The co-founder and Casper’s chief product officer, Jeff Chapin, provided us with even more specifics:


The popularity of Casper mattresses is tremendous. What kind of consumer input did you receive that led to the development of this new, more durable collection of mattresses?



Everyone sleeps. Everybody sleeps, yet each of us has different needs and preferences for a restful night’s sleep. By paying attention to what our consumers had to say, it became evident that more sleep products were needed to meet the demands of our expanding community.

Customers varied in their preferences for a plush sensation, additional support for pressure alleviation, and cooling elements to help regulate temperature. In-depth research, development, and testing were used by the Casper Labs team to provide a wide range of innovative mattress types that can meet different sleeping preferences.”

Sanah: According to, 41% of people sleep in the fetal position. Which aspects of the Casper mattress are most suited for this kind of sleeper?


In actuality, almost everyone switches places throughout the night. Our new mattresses are designed to offer the best possible support and comfort in any sleeping position.

Your body has to be properly supported to keep your spine in alignment, especially in the fetal position. In order to relieve pressure and correct your spine, our Zoned Support feature has a variety of soft and firm zones that conform to your shoulders, waist, lower back, and hips. While Zoned Support is present in several of our mattresses, the Wave Hybrid type is the most sophisticated.

Sanah: People who read adore cooling sheets. How have you implemented cutting-edge cooling technologies into these new models? How does it function?


The new AirScape feature, which is a perforated, permeable foam that helps minimize heat so you can sleep cool, is present in a number of our mattresses. To prevent overheating, tiny perforations in the foam form air channels that channel hot air and body heat away and allow them to escape.

Additionally, our higher-end versions like the Wave Hybrid have cooling gel, which adds a refreshing feel and helps keep you at the ideal temperature throughout the night. The springs in our hybrid mattresses also aid in increasing airflow.”

Which mattress do you love the most at home, and why?

The Nova Hybrid is my favourite mattress in our new lineup. I enjoy the vivacity and bounce that springs and foam combine to provide. Additionally, it includes a special plush top layer that gives you the impression that you are resting on a cloud.

How to Pick the Perfect Casper Mattress?

Due to its low price and design that promotes spinal alignment, The Original is the brand’s most well-liked product. Its permeable foam construction provides firmer support for the hips while providing softer support for the shoulders and legs to ensure appropriate body alignment as you sleep. The Original also features a hybrid variant that combines foam and springs if you need more support.

For those who like a gentler feel, the Nova is the best option. It has several layers of permeable AirScape foam and a layer of Zoned Support Pro on top to reduce pressure. It is available in foam and hybrid varieties.

For those who prefer a firm, supportive mattress, The Wave is a dream come true. Gel pods are positioned throughout the mattress together with the layers of Zoned Support Max foam to elevate and comfort your body. It also amazes us with its incredible capacity to wick away heat.

With prices starting at little under $400, The Element is one of the most cheap models. With a single base foam construction and a layer of AirScape to keep you cool, it offers all the necessities.


If you live in a small house, you should buy the Snug mattress. It comes in a box that is smaller than that of its sister mattresses and features a cooling foam construction. You won’t sacrifice any of the typical qualities that Casper mattresses are known for with this choice, so don’t worry.

The Original, Nova Hybrid, Wave Hybrid, and Element are all available online. Visit a Casper Sleep Shop if you’re considering the Original Foam, Nova Hybrid, or Wave Hybrid; click here to discover one near you. Would you want to buy a foam-based mattress instead? The Wave, Nova, and Snug are all offered in a few particular retail establishments.

The company also takes pleasure in its risk-free trial, which gives clients a full 100 days to check out its products. Not supple or sturdy enough? Without any questions, return it.

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