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Chill Out & Get Off With the Best Sex Positions to Reduce Stress

We have an intolerably stressful existence most of the time, Also, which has gotten worse in the recent pandemic-era stress when it seems like our fight-or-flight instincts are activated almost daily. Any and all valuable free time should definitely be spent attempting to reduce the stress, what with work, and family.

uninspired sex positions

In the pandemic, you are undoubtedly your own best and safest sex partner. however if you’re stuck with someone and need some stress-relieving sex advice, keep reading. Here are some of our favorite positions that make sex pleasurable and stress-free so you can live your best peaceful, TLC-filled sexual life:


We enjoy spooning a lot in this house! For one thing, there aren’t many positions that are as private and low-key. Your hands are free to grasp a toy or explore other erogenous areas of the body while you are on your sides and the penetrating partner enters from behind. Depending on how your legs are bent, you may easily alter the depth of penetration as well.


The lotus embrace is a really cozy and laid-back method to embrace your spouse and is not nearly as flexible as it sounds. Wrap your legs around the penetrating partner and have them climb aboard while sitting pretzel-style. From this position, it’s possible to enjoy the thrusts while still exchanging tender words, kisses, or glances.

Coital angularity

Coital alignment, a more elevated relative of missionary, urges you to keep your pelvis slightly below your penetrating partner and bend your knees so they are up by your arms. This one ensures that the clitoris will have plenty of action, which we can always support.

It’s Plow

Yoga practitioners may be familiar with the incredibly relaxing effects of the Happy Baby pose. Although not precisely like that, the plow has a calm, elevated missionary atmosphere that allows you to rest and take advantage of everything the penetrating partner has to offer. You can elevate your legs to rest on your partner’s shoulders, hooking your knees or not depending on how comfortable it is for you. This depends on how flexible you are. You simply let them thrust away from there and take pleasure in the deep penetration.

Doggy-style, flat

Spread out a little more than your typical dirty dog motions. Additionally, because no one has to remain on all fours, hands are free to roam or toss toys around.

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