Chinese Cafe Serves Coffee With A Cotton Candy Cloud And We’re Impressed

Shanghai-based cafe Mellower Coffee invented one of the most inventive methods of serving coffee. You want to make sure that whatever you offer looks beautiful in an age where 90% of people use their phones to take a photo before enjoying any food or drink. And the better it looks, the more popular you’ll be on Instagram! Instagram trendsetters are a powerful force, thus Mellower Coffee gave its customers a cup of hot, steaming coffee with a cotton candy cloud falling on it as a truly unique coffee design.

Mellower Café unquestionably offers excellent quality products when it comes to picture-perfect dishes and beverages. Just take a look at this coffee cup that has a sizable cloud “raining” sugar on it!

Given its adorable and fashionable appearance, it’s no surprise that this coffee quickly rose to Instagram fame and inspired countless people to travel to Shanghai, if only to enjoy a cup of its enchanted deliciousness.

Because of how trendy the location is, you kind of expect to be offered something cutting-edge and distinctive, like a cup of Sweet Little Rain with sugar dripping directly into your coffee cup.

Regular customers and food bloggers who have sampled the new coffee concur that it is a superb product that looks as good as it tastes.

This coffee will be right up your alley if you have an acute sense of beauty. Keep in mind that mess will occur because this is not the most “pleasant” product to eat or drink from.

Regarding messiness, a lot of customers noted that despite the publicity surrounding this distinctive coffee drink, it soon begins to seem less than glitzy with cotton candy melting all over the place.

You won’t want to share this with your other Instagram users, I assure you. The drippy cloud initially appears fairly charming, but quickly transforms into a sweet mess with cotton candy all over your plate and the table.

However, we strongly advise you to give it a shot if you’re in Shanghai or simply seeking a genuinely distinctive cup of coffee. The pleasure of the first few seconds of cotton candy is totally worth it!

Some claim that the cloud should have been smaller to prevent the mess, but we feel that it would not have been as beautiful if there had only been a little cotton candy cloud hovering over your cup of coffee. Enjoy the chaos as well!


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