Cinema Characters Whose Unique Style Started New Trends In Everyday Life

While designers and social media gurus have undoubtedly started their fair share of trends, some of the most iconic figures in fashion have their roots in films. In movies, the appropriate attire can produce a distinctive mood and give actors a more lifelike appearance. Even though the movies are from many years ago, many of these looks have endured and are still widely used in 2020.

  1. Sharon Stone’s White Turtleneck Dress From “Basic Instinct”

Upon reflection, Fashion Nova has undoubtedly influenced a tonne of designers as well as Fashion Nova, for years to come. We were used to extravagant evening gowns and plunging necklines before this. However, this vampy dress demonstrated that you may appear chic while wearing a turtleneck top over a beautifully cut sleeveless silhouette. For us, it’s the stylish minimalism.

2. Rachel Green’s Outfits From “Friends”

Despite the fact that Jen from this well-known sitcom from the 1990s has conflicting views about her haircut, her fashion choices were always magnificent. They provided us with practical, everyday fashion ideas that we probably still use now. Instead, the first outfit was a spaghetti strap dress with a tight long sleeved blouse underneath. Practical yet elegant, and suited for the season. Additionally, the sleeveless turtleneck and checkered pencil skirt totally reminded us of “Clueless.”

3. The fashion of Cher and her pals in “Clueless”

Numerous well-known fashion labels drew inspiration from “Clueless,” but more significantly, the film had a significant impact on young girls’ fashion and 90s pop culture. There were many standout outfits (Deon’s hat, anyone?) but those matching plaid suits with thigh-grazing skirts and white knee socks were the best. Even today, teenagers and millennials alike continue to wear those styles.

4. The Mean Girls Posse starring Regina George

It’s reasonable to assume that “Mean Girls” helped spark the prep movement with its use of several logos, plaid, miniskirts, and various shades of pink. Oh, and don’t forget about the dramatic eyeliner and velvet Juicy tracksuits. Although we wouldn’t wear the styles today, we did so frequently back in the early 2000s because they were so representative of the decade.

5. Distinctive clothing choices in “The Devil Wears Prada”

The best role Anne Hathaway has ever had. In almost every scene in this movie about the competitive fashion industry, Anne and Meryl both donned jaw-dropping attire. As soon as they saw the ensembles by well-known designers, fashion enthusiasts swooned. Daring yet eye-catching combinations of many styles were used, such as vivid colours and leopard print. After this movie’s premiere, several of these styles continued to be popular.

6. “Carol’s” Elegant Retro Styles

The mood in “Carol” is unquestionably among the many things that are done well. We appreciated how the beauty was all in the details and how the subtle elegance of each dress really took us back in time. vibrant hues, artistically tied neck- and head-scarves, and big brooches paired with thin metal bracelets. Of course, a red lip completed the picture. Since its release, the feminine yet elegant antique looks have motivated women from various backgrounds.

7. Renata’s Striking Appearances in “Big Little Lies”

Anyone who has watched “Big Little Lies” will recall Renata as a force of nature and a stylish powerhouse. Her attire served as a great example of how to dress to convey authority, position, self-assurance, and most significantly, the strength of femininity. Renata’s outlandish demeanour allowed the stylist on site to experiment. After she rocked it, her red Roland Mouret dress went viral on Lyst.

8. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ stunning yellow dress

Both on-screen and off-screen, yellow has never been a particularly fashionable colour for women’s formal clothing, especially in the early 2000s. With the memorable gala scene near the conclusion of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” a silky yellow evening gown that skirted the floor and had a light flowiness with a gorgeous bare back changed everything. Dina Bar-El created the dress in yellow to complement the 84-carat yellow diamond jewellery worn by Kate Hudson in the film, but after it hit theatres, women all over the world started snatching up yellow evening gowns like there was no tomorrow.

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