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Cool Sex Furniture & Accessories You Didn’t Know You Wanted

There is no restriction on the locations outside of your bed where persons can engage in sexual activity (no matter how many very fun takes on that noble tradition there are). There are some additional innovative, strange (in a hot manner), and utterly intriguing methods to spice up your sex life and switch up your positions. We know you can hit the showers or fog up your car windows for a romp. Additionally, if you manage to find the correct ones, they can serve as investment pieces for your burgeoning home dungeon or be hidden just as covertly as a sensual secret for you and your lover (s).

Obviously, the category of sex furniture has a vast scope. There’s no end to the kink-friendly, easy to clean, and overwhelmingly fun bedroom companions you can score with toys ranging from smaller options like wedge pillows that can change your go-to bed-friendly positions to larger more conspicuous ones (like Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson’s now-iconic sex bench) and stealthy sex swings that can take gravity out of some seriously steamy situations. Ultimately, they all aim to elevate your sexual interactions from routine to extraordinary by placing you or your partner in the most comfortable and pleasant positions.

There will undoubtedly be some NSFW material that will make you blush, but you just could discover your new favorite intimate item among our suggestions.

Extreme Obedience Master Series Sex Bench

The well-known “sex bench,” which you may recognize from the famous Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson photos that went viral, is great for people who enjoy restraint play, BDSM, or even more intense massages (go off). It has optional straps and a U-shaped headrest that make it simple to assume the position for deep penetration or impact play.

Ramp and Liberator Wedge

Any sex expert will tell you that improving your sex life is surprisingly easy, and a few firm, well-shaped pillows can help you and your partner with a variety of positioning issues. The fantastic wedge and ramp pair from Liberator, a business you’ll see a lot of on this list due to how much great stuff they produce in the sex furniture area, gives you a ton of different positions with loads of support along the way. Really, the only constraints are your creativity and libido.

Wanda Toy Mount, the liberator

Despite the fact that wand toys are popular among many vulva owners, what are they often not? Hands-free. The Liberator’s version of a cozy wand mount is intended to hold your preferred wand toy—specifically, the original, cult-favorite Magic Wand—firmly in place while allowing you or your partner to interact closely with it. This is a great addition for individuals who are sick of struggling to keep the wand in place while playing because it is cozy, plush, and comes in a variety of colors.

Liberator Black Label Wedge, in the photo

Another of Liberator’s sexier options, the Black Label Wedge include cuffs and a blindfold for some restraint-play (PSA: if you and your partner choose to do this, play properly and always include appropriate aftercare and communication!) This is an excellent introduction to bondage for those new to the discipline that is adaptable enough to work with or without it. It is angled to maximize the thrusts or comfort of the providing partner or to elevate the hips of the receiving one (hello hitting the sweet spot!).

Floating Sex Ramp

This inflatable variation on the sex ramp design is one of the more reasonably priced choices on this list, which again makes it perfect for elevating up hips, supporting bodies, and making balancing for some positions — like 69 — much more achievable. You can inflate the toy to the proper firmness and deflate it when it’s time to put it away, making it comfortable and practical.

Portable, folding massage table with carrying case from Saloniture

This functional, professional-grade massage table is one of the bigger components on the list with a little more plausible deniability than the others. It makes a great, easy-to-clean setting for sensation play, sensual massage, impact play, or other BDSM-related activities. When you don’t want to have to explain it to house guests, it is reliable, cozy, transportable, and simple to store. It also comes in a variety of vibrant hues, which is always a plus.

Best Sex Decor & Accs | Back to the 20s Super Pillow for Positioning Sling

The 20s again Super Pillow for Positioning Sling
This sling is a quick fix that is just as unobtrusive as it is practical if you or your receiving partner find it difficult to keep your legs up.

A picture of an Amazon Sex Bench Bouncing Mount Stool

This mount stool, another (considerably more compact!) sex seat, is quite adaptable: It offers a little extra support to keep your body feeling comfortable so you can concentrate more on getting your partner off and less on how you’re going to keep your balance or avoid sore knees. You can mount it solo with your favorite toy (by taking advantage of the built-in dildo mount) or straddle it with a partner in any number of fun and creative positons.

AWESOMETIVITY Magical Wand Chair After Dark

You might dig this really basic wand-holding chair by AWESOMETIVITY if something like Hysterical Literature feels like your vibe (literally). It looks like a typical folding chair but has a holder (that can be used with a variety of favorite wand models), making it a subtle addition to your gaming.

Adult Swing in BELSIANG

To experience a fantastic sex swing, you don’t need to be into swinging. This one, which can be securely affixed to your ceiling, is a cozy way to get your zero-gravity groove on (as cozy as a tiny bit of suspension can be). You can get a lot of bang (pun intended) for your buck with U-shaped pillows to support your or your partner’s body and detachable cuffs for all sorts of kinky fun.

Liberator Throw Liberator Decor

I want to deviate from furniture and focus more on accessories by introducing you to Liberator Decor’s Fascinator Throw, a plush, stylish replacement for your go-to sex towel. This bad boy can protect your bedding and comforter and get thrown in the washing machine for a stress-free/mess-free experience because it is soft, water-proof, and won’t be harmed by some lube spills, either! Even if it’s expensive, there’s something to be said for investing in your sex life to avoid ever again having to decide who gets to sleep in the wet spot.

Esse Liberator

Back to the furnishings now. This couch really goes all out for the sexy fainting couch aesthetics, so if you don’t have that Nugget After Dark Life going on, it could be more of a commitment to owning furniture for sex. The “dynamic sex chaise” Liberator Esse is waterproof and offers complete range of access for you or your lover while allowing you to prop up and support any and all portions that call for it (s).

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