Crazy Lipsticks That Will Shock You With Their Unique Looks

Did you know that lipsticks can have odd, amusing, and even unusual shapes? We didn’t either. But after looking into it more, we came to the conclusion that we had to share the unique shapes that lipsticks can take.

Makeup is fantastic. It enables us to express ourselves and is excellent for bringing out our best qualities and obscuring minor flaws. While using all of the beauty products is entertaining, the more we use it, the more products we tend to love, and most of the time, every woman has a favorite makeup product. Some girls simply can’t get enough of the various hues and tones of eyeshadow. Some people can’t leave the home without mascara because they adore having long, thick lashes. Many people enjoy contouring and highlighting because it’s amazing how you can basically mould your face with only shadow and light. However, if you’re anything like me, lipstick is your thing. It’s a remarkably quick and simple technique to change the way you look. Lipsticks are available in a huge variety of hues, tones, finishes, and textures. The options here are endless: vivid red, mauve, nude, glossy, sheer, matte.
However, it turns out that lipsticks may be found in a wide range of shapes as well as hues. I simply had to look into this after hearing this. Let’s look at some of the weirdest lipsticks I’ve seen.

1. Lipsticks with Kailijumei Flower

Let’s start with, in my opinion, the most gorgeous lipsticks ever. A Chinese business produced this lipstick, and it contained actual flowers. The lipsticks have a pink hue and some glitter to them, despite the flowers appearing to be covered in transparent jelly. These lipsticks also have the cool feature of changing color once applied to your lips according on your body’s temperature and PH level. Isn’t that fantastic? It resembles a mood ring but is worn on the lips. These lovely floral lipsticks are currently out of stock due to their high demand. The lipsticks ran out really quickly, but the store’s website allows you to pre-order them, so you can purchase one once they restock. You can purchase one lipstick for $30, which isn’t ridiculous given how distinctive and gorgeous these lipsticks are.

2. Lipsticks by Christian Louboutin

Since it’s Christian Louboutin, the lipstick itself is presumably of incredible quality, but let’s speak about the package instead. These lipsticks’ packaging deviates greatly from standard bullet lipstick tubes. Actually, you can’t put these in a row. The form, the tiny ring on top, and the ribbon that is linked to them seem to indicate that these lipsticks are intended to be worn as accessories rather than for that purpose. Which is odd but also a really cool concept. It does have an ostentatious appearance due to its pointed design, but it is also practical. When it’s hung around your neck, you’ll never have to dig through your luggage again to find your lipstick.

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