Creamart – Amazing Coffee Art From South Korea

South Korean barista Kangbin Lee produces coffee art that he refers to as Creamart. His coffee looks more like a painting than your typical cup of joe, so it seems sense that he shares his works with the world on Instagram. With ten years of experience, Kangbin has produced some amazing photos. Although he has never taken art classes, it is obvious that he is naturally talented. The unexpected finding is that Creamart is finished with iced coffee.

Anyone’s day will be made brighter by this lovely flower. Because it is so stunning, you won’t want to drink it.

Kangin likes Disney movies. He has beautifully re-created this moment from The Little Mermaid. Many of his supporters propose brand-new Disney characters for coffee cups.

In this skilled barista, Van Gogh has found a pupil.

coffee that resembles cherry blossoms? In 3D? No issue! Amazingly, some coloring and popcorn make it stand out.

Do you know what a coffee explosion is? Although it appears that way, the barista claims that it is simply a gourmet butterscotch coffee. It is the most popular coffee kind at his coffee shop, he writes in an Instagram post.

This is merely a traditional illustration of coffee art. Why not tell someone you love them over a cup of coffee?

Anything can function with a little bit of chemistry. Put caffeine formula onto coffee is a hilarious pun that Kangbin came up with. He is incredibly intelligent and artistic.

Disney once more Bambi is not the most straightforward character to create, but this one is simply wonderful. Kids would enjoy coffee, so it’s a bad they can’t drink it.

Take a look at this bouquet of flowers: Kangbin makes several different kinds of flowers. Even better, you can have a customized image made for you!

He frequently makes Asian characters as well, so he doesn’t overlook them!

The simplest way to describe this perfect replica of the cartoon figure is Alice in a Coffee Cup. You may find all your favorite cartoon characters on Kangbin’s Instagram.

If you believe that coffee is simply a serious business, have a look at this huge collection of Creamart characters, who will put a smile on your face even before you take your morning cup.

The way this barista artist has infused color and life into coffee will change it forever (quiet literally).

I’ve decided to use you as my morning coffee, Pikachu. Millions of people worldwide will fall in love with this adorable Pokemon.

This compilation demonstrates Kangbin’s talent to its fullest extent. He imitates masterpieces from several art movements, such as Salvador Dali. Every single cup has a stunning appearance and belongs in a museum.


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