Creepy But Sexy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is a spooky time to put on your costumes, but it’s also the ideal occasion to show off your highlighting and contouring abilities. Take a cue from these immaculate Halloween makeup instructions, which you can easily carry out using your own cosmetics set. This Halloween, use these makeup artists’ #goals methods to achieve your most eerie looks and razor-sharp cheekbones!

1. Full Skull Tutorial

Oh my, how frightening is that skull eye! Particularly with the way beauty blogger Brianna Fox is rocking her poses, this look is scary and bordering on the bizarre, yet also incredibly femme fatale. Rock the best skeleton appearance ever with a form-fitting black bodysuit;

2. Twilight Demon

Someone appears to be horny! Hehe, ok, jokes aside, this look is horrifyingly delicious, complete with black lips and red contacts. This will undoubtedly be the sexiest demon you have ever seen, and the nail detail is flawless as well. When you “can’t go to hell without a good highlight and contour,” as one reviewer put it, Could we wear this outfit every day?


3. Harley Quinn Instruction

This Halloween, we’re sure to see Harley and the Joker in pairings everywhere, but there’s a guaranteed method to make your Harley look stand out from the crowd and impress folks with your makeup abilities. The popular vlogger NikkieTutorials demonstrates how to transform the Harley look into one fit for “a night out on the town with the Joker,” as she likes to put it.


4. The Creepy Doll Guide

This is not the loving Barbie you remember from your childhood; instead, it is a doll with a shattered, deranged twist, thanks in large part to the weird porcelain posture that this vlogger starts off with. It’s a rather understated appearance with a whitened face, green contacts, an exaggerated doll lip, and perfectly applied artificial doll lashes.

5. Werewolf Instruction

Damn. With this smoldering, contoured face, the traditional werewolf appearance is tidied up a little and appears more like a True Blood werewolf. Sort of a werewolf with Ariana Grande influences. She kills this look with her high ponytail, flawless makeup, and excellent contact lenses (she mentions the brand in her comments). Oh, and she’s also really good at face painting.

6. Bambi Guide

This long-lashed beauty is wearing the doe look like a boss with her adorable little button nose, mocha eyeliner, and white dots along her cheekbones. Perfectly fashioned with small buns or pulled back with clips, as this girl has done. For the female who isn’t a lover of horror but yet wants to look lovely on Halloween, apply a light lip color and get your nose perfectly bronzed.

7. Tutorial for Girly Sugar Skull

Despite the fact that this tutorial isn’t in English, it’s cool enough to try to observe her and copy her movements with your own palette. Although sugar skulls are a fantastic addition to Day of the Dead celebrations, this femmed-up, all-pink variant somewhat combines the sugar skull and kawaii worlds. No pun meant, but her rib cage painting and ombre lip and eye are to die for

8. Witch Tutorial

You could feel that the witch appearance for Halloween is a touch overdone. Not this well designed look! Thanks to stage makeup manufacturer Ben Nye Creme Color Pods, this makeup artist has achieved a soft and bright green look with a darker emerald cheek contour and eye. We adore this modern interpretation of the evil witch and think she is seductively nasty!

9. Pop Art Girl Instructions

Fans of comics, rejoice! With the help of this simple dotted tutorial, you can transform into the pop art fantasy girl of your dreams! The teardrops by the eye (as long as that white shine on the red lip) turn this woman into a walking comic book! The black defining lines are simple to draw and have a weird effect.


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