Crystal Lips – The Hottest Beauty Trend This Year By Makeup Artist Johannah Adams

The Internet just went absolutely wild with crystal lips. New York City-based cosmetics artist Johannah Adams upped her lip art game after publishing lucid amethyst and pastel pink quartz renditions of the crystal lip look.
The trendiest cosmetic trend this year is crystal lips, according to makeup expert Johannah Adams.

She had a geode necklace that served as inspiration because she adored the contrast between the texture of the crystal and the gold, which produced the bizarre wet-bordered appearance. She acknowledges that it takes an hour to perfect the appearance, but the outcome is worthwhile.

A color base, a thick clear gloss for that juicy feel, and a significant amount of glitter are all used in this look. She turns them into a paste, spreads it evenly, then adds loose glitter to finish the appearance. Her specialty is obviously rare stones, and we can’t wait for Johannah to embellish our lips so we can flaunt this insanely hot metallic-glitter ombre look.

With her bizarre crystal masterpieces and other exquisite, detailed works of lip art, Johannah has amassed nearly 19k followers on Instagram.

She isn’t simply the queen of the geode lip her social media pages was covered in other original and imaginative patterns. It all comes down to having “a few decent tools and a little direction,” as she puts it. And a little ingenuity, too.

She experiments with a metallic-meets-rainbow look, her own version of a galaxy lip, and a beautiful interpretation of waves that were inspired by California’s Big Sur waves (that wave foam is on point). Her abilities as an artist in general and as a makeup artist are demonstrated by the range.

The perfect experiment to try for a Halloween costume, as we can imagine some pretty fire emoji Maleficent outfits becoming inspired by this badass appearance, however it might be too much to wear to your next dinner engagement.

Glitter lovers should visit her page right away and keep an eye out for her upcoming announcement of crystal lip tutorials. Find out how to make the perfect birthstone for you! Our opinion is that Johannah ought to be hired by Hollywood’s cosmetics teams for her incredible inventions because it appears to be pure art.

Unlike anything the Kylie Jenner lip kit could produce. I’m secretly hoping Johannah launches her own lip line so we can all have amethyst lips (even if they still probably wouldn’t look quite as perfect as they do on Pinterest).


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