Cute Astrological Tattoos You’ll Be Obsessed With

Some people may not pay attention to their astrological signs, while others may live their lives according to their horoscopes. Regardless, our astrological signs are vital to who we are. Whatever the case, we can’t deny that our astrological sign plays a significant role in who we are. To celebrate your love for your sign, we found some incredibly sweet tattoos.

Oh my goodness, the constellation of Scorpio resembles freckles. The pattern of these stars is delicate, but if you are familiar with astrology, you will be able to see it. Use a delicate area like your shoulder to disperse these tattoos, letting your inner Scorpio guide you.
This Leo constellation is incredibly vibrant and distinctive. But that was undoubtedly a touch bold. Look at the enormous crescent moon. For solar system nerds, cool.
This woman’s zodiac tattoo design was a little less selfless because she chose to have the signs of her family members inked on her arm. Do you feel guilty for not phoning your mother recently? However, this is a kind and loving notion.
OMG. I can’t get enough of this edgy yet understated Libra tattoo on the back of my ankle. Regardless of your zodiac sign, this tattoo is fantastic. Everyone will think you’re the coolest person at the party if you wear this outfit with cuffed jeans. How would you put it on an ankle?
This glyph’s extended curve on the back of the neck has a wonderful, distinct shape. The typeface is meticulously designed and traditional Virgo. A straightforward but impactful design to honor all the Virgos in your life.
Very cool! Smaller than many of the little, tiny designs on this site, but the design is so beautiful that it’s worth it. Going big or staying home, right? The dreamcatcher and Taurus work together harmoniously to provide an abstract interpretation of this horned sign.
Why not take the Scorpio sign’s meaning literally? Scorpions are extremely menacing, especially this particular design that is around her hand. Dark, but also devoted to the natural world and the ferocious Scorpio sign.
Wow, the calligraphy-like style of this Pisces tattoo is amazing! The black looks wonderful and silky, and the carefully etched symbols fit together so perfectly. Why leave one fish alone when you can have two? But really, this is the pinnacle of body art.
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