Divine Vegan Foods You Have To See And Try

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? Are delicious and aesthetically pleasing foods your obsession? This Instagram account might be the perfect fit for you, then. The most aesthetically attractive meal you’ll ever see is served there, and it’s run by a talented woman named Mei Yee. The nicest part is that there are more than simply photographs. You can find a list of the materials and instructions for making this delectable and magnificent-looking dish in the description that appears beneath each image. Finally, someone made the decision to utilize the description rather than the customary promotional portion. Therefore, if you enjoy cooking and would like to try some of the ista-famous creations, we advise you to follow this Instagram. We also want to let you know that most of these are desserts with the occasional savory item. However, we’re rather certain that each recipe is vegan, and some of them are even gluten-free.

1. Rice With Butterfly Pea Flowers And Mango Sticks

Who would have thought that a meal could be this vibrant and still be healthy. Anyone who has been in a culinary slump recently will appreciate the wonderful and unique flavor combination. How was the rice turned blue? It was actually a great trick to boil the rice in water colored blue by boiling pea flowers. There is no artificial coloring, making it entirely natural.

2. Almond cookie base for the raspberry chocolate mousse, together with raspberry glaze and raspberry jelly

That is the dessert’s official name, but we would like to suggest that it truly looks divine. If you put your mind to it, you’ll be able to make it at home because it sounds wonderful and looks incredible.

3. Pink Hibiscus Strawberry Tart

We’re not sure which is more impressive—the brilliant design or the perseverance and effort required to adorn it so exquisitely. You may absolutely create this dessert for a special occasion. That much is impressive.

4. Spicy Wontons From Sichuan In Sichuan Garlic Chilli Oil

You know, this scrumptious dish is a terrific option if you needed something hot and flavorful for dinner. It seems that the biggest cooking secret weapon you may have is garlic-chilli oil. It really gives the dish that extra flavorful kick.

5. Cake With Layers of Mixed Berries and Berry Compote

We all deserve our own small cake that we may enjoy alone and without sharing. When you want to consume a whole cake, you should bake this one. Also, how does one cut away such a perfect spoonful? It not only sounds like the most delectable flavor combination. Everything on this Instagram is flawless, including the preparation, recipes, and presentation in particular.

6. Wonton Soup With Tom Yum Noodles

For those who wish to prepare a spectacular dinner, there is yet another fantastic choice. This soup’s flavors are perfectly balanced and it is warm and nourishing. If you have any leftovers, it’ll be delicious for lunch the following day. However, since you’ll want to eat it every day for a week, we advise making a large batch.

7. Tart with strawberry yogurt

We are at a loss for words if that isn’t the most ideal strawberry yogurt tart. And what about that? Actually homemade and vegan, that yogurt. Who knew a vegan dessert could look and taste this good?

8. Red Beet Dumplings with Vegetables

It could take some time to get these dumplings just right, but once you do, you’ll be making dozens of them at once. They look quite stunning and sound divine, you have to admit. A meal that will impress whomever you serve it to.

9. Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse to Perfection

A flawless chocolate mousse with a chocolate coating is what everyone wants. That vegan dessert seems like the best thing ever. It only need 4 components to make, so it’s actually rather simple to make.

10. Donuts that are vegan

Whoever claims that there are no excellent vegan donuts has obviously never experienced these amazing oil-free baked donuts, which are 100 percent vegan and 100 percent tasty. We are at a loss for words to express how adorable they are. These pastries are out of this world.