Down Syndrome Models Shine In “The Radical Beauty Project”

We are noticing that more and more models with Down syndrome are being featured in the media. However, there is still a long way to go before people with impairments are considered normal. These complex problems are being skillfully tackled by “The Radical Beauty Project.”

Only models with down syndrome are included in this Zebedee Management project, which shows that any one of these ladies has the strength and tenacity to succeed Naomi Campbell or Cara Delevingne.

Many able-bodied people find it challenging to accept the equal skills of those with disabilities. There is a propensity to feel sorry for, or “aww,” or to be moved. We must keep in mind that these people are actual people, just like us, and not a fictional character or a pet.

Modeling agency Zebedee made the decision to work with Daniel Vais, the man behind the Radical Beauty Project. Vais and Zebedee aim to raise awareness of the distinctive beauty and skills of people with Down syndrome.

Take the hottie Nino as an example. One of the first well-known male models with Down syndrome, Nino is undeniably irresistible to both girls and boys. Nico also works with the #BristolBears and is a certified rugby coach in addition to modelling.

We can’t wait to display Mr. Vais’ high-end fashion photography book, which he is currently working on using only models with Down syndrome.

Our obsession also extends to Kate, their beautiful blond with lovely blond ringlets and a killer pout. Client of Zebedee, Kate walked the runway for London Fashion Week and was featured in Benefit cosmetics photography.

Sara, who we recognise from River Island’s campaign as well as from her long, brown hair and bangs, also needs to be mentioned. Her mother is pleased with her daughter for helping to de-stigmatize a syndrome that is frequently viewed as harmful. She gives us major Yoko Ono vibes with her haircut.

We can plainly see that these people aren’t broken; rather, they’re uncut diamonds with as much effervescent beauty as they do tenacity.

In the recent past, companies like River Island, Benefit cosmetics, and Mercedes Benz TVC have all given the Down syndrome community visibility. We’re eager to see how Vais and Zebedee improve this sorely underappreciated area of the modelling business.

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