Dresses Inspired By Architecture & Nature

High fashion is often beyond our comprehension. The bizarre runway models at fashion shows, the concept apparel we seldom see on the street as casual attire… Except if you’re a fashion designer, in which case there is a significant difference. If you’re not, though, there’s no guarantee that you’ll want to walk the streets or attend social gatherings dressed in the newest fashions. Are you sure, pause? Look at these amazing dress designs, which are matched with both natural wonders and man-made creations, before you decide to give up on the world of high fashion. This photo collection is incredibly novel and energizing. These combined masterpieces speak for themselves, so you won’t have any trouble understanding what the designer was trying to communicate. Enjoy the photos!

Fashion designers frequently draw inspiration from the natural world when creating patterns, elements, and shapes for their clothing, including flowers, plants, a variety of colours and shades, animals, etc. The real sources of inspiration used by designers to make these outfits are unknown to us. However, take a look at how amazing Lilia Hudyakova, a Russian artist, was when she combined the most stunning ones with works of art made by both nature and people!

2009 Naeem Khan S/S; &; Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in Iceland (2010) dresses-inspired by architecture and nature 03
As you can see, her project, “1+1,” consists of two images: the first is a dress created by a well-known designer, and the second is a scene from nature that, in Lilia’s imagination, served as inspiration for the dress designer. And the similarity is absolutely stunning.

Lilia compares various items to give the impression that the runway designs of dresses are based on these images and sketches. Her works contain elements other than just natural views. Lilia also creates her collages by drawing comparisons between masterpieces of architecture and fashion design.

Mihrad, Yesil Tomb, Bursa, Zuhair Murad S/S 2007, and Dresses Inspired by Architecture and Nature, 07 (Sevi on Flickr)
It is difficult to ignore how the artist describes the strange relationship between various types of architectural designs and fashion accessories. For instance, the wall details of the Chambre à Coucher de la Reine perfectly complement this dress from Alberta Ferretti’s 2015 collection.

2013 Zuhair Murad S/S Collection: dresses-inspired by architecture and nature 09 The Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo, Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Lilia Hudyakova demonstrates in her works how anyone can select and transform breathtaking natural wonders or amazing human creations into gorgeous dresses.

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