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Easy Sex Positions That Are Absolutely Perfect for Lazy Mornings

Few of us truly feel prepared to face the day when we awaken in the morning. Instead, snooze buttons, snores, and alarms that always seem to go off too early are the highlights of our mornings. To generate the energy for labor-intensive sex in the midst of this daily grogginess, where even routine things like brushing our teeth become chores, seems simply inconceivable. We want to roll around and luxuriate in some of the easiest sex positions this world has to offer, not mount our partners and give the performance of a lifetime. We’re in if — and only if — it involves coziness, warmth, and a little bit of lethargy.

Sweet & Covert Positions for Quiet Nights in Busy Families

Thankfully, we have been having sex as humans for a while. We have mastered the lethargic sex position over the span of decades, centuries, and millennia. Nowadays, we have a true abundance of simple sex positions to choose from whenever we feel like a little lazy luxury. Easy sex positions are a great staple in anyone’s repertoire since they are ideal for mornings when you’re too groggy to attempt, afternoons when you’re too exhausted to care, and all kinds of moments in between.

This is not the place to climb, bend, or stretch. No breaking new benchmarks. There is no growing. Simple, low-key sex performed in the coziest manner possible. Because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get away from things occasionally in a decidedly low-maintenance manner.


The Lizard provides all the traditional Missionary sloth with a much-needed twist—it puts you in charge. While you would during Cowgirl, mount your spouse and allow your breast hang over theirs as you spread your legs out to each side of them. You can then give them a kiss, give them a hug, and speak in their ears.


Similar to Prone, The Plain is a little cozier. Invite your lover to climb on top of you while you are lying on your stomach, with their legs straddling yours. You may both bend your legs to your desired level of comfort and have sex that is as leisurely and sensual as you choose.

Of course, you can continue to lie in bed with your chest flat against the mattress (and your partner can keep their chest pressed onto your back). Alternately, your partner can raise their chest as high as they like as you use your arms to squeeze your back into their chest for additional cuddles.


Even the laziest mornings benefit from the Tamer because it is advertised as a foreplay position. Like you would before spooning with your lover, lie on your side. then request a spoon from your spouse, in reverse (so, their head is where your feet are, and their feet are where you head is). When both of you are prepared for penetration, your partner can move their hand into you once they feel comfortable doing so, and they can drag their body forward a little bit more.

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The Watering Can is precisely like the original Cowgirl, but more laid back. Assume your standard Cowgirl stance, bury your chest in your partner’s, and encircle their neck with your arms. From there, you can grind back and forth, squish in closer, and lavishly stroke your partner’s hair.


Imagine the Horizon as a very drowsy version of 69. Face your spouse while lying on your side. Invite them to do the same, but make sure your head is towards theirs and their head is facing your nether regions. You can then engage in oral sex without even having to elevate your head. And they can act similarly.


One of the most adorable, cuddliest, and lazy sex positions this earth has to offer is The Thirst. Invite your companion to join you by rolling onto their side. Invite your companion to place one leg between yours as you both slid into a cozy hug. When they do, join your legs to make your embrace more tightly-knit.

You can kiss, hug, caress, and of course have some of the most entangled sex of your life from this position.


Spooning is a common practice in the laziest of bedrooms. And the Tango gives the traditional just the right amount of a twist to keep things fresh. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your legs slanted to one side rather than entirely on your side. Next, ask your partner to lie on their side with their back to you. They should have plenty of room to sneak in because of this.

Your lover should then be able to slide one arm behind your head while using the other to stimulate you however they see fit. Additionally, you should be able to put one hand on their neck and draw them in for passionate, sultry kisses whenever you feel like it.

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