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Everyday Sex Tips From a Sex Magic Practitioner

Although some would contend that all sex is magic, “sex magic” is a very distinct idea. Sex magic, commonly written “sex magick,” calls forth energy trapped within the body and manifests it through orgasm. Spells become more potent with orgasmic vibrations. And one of the best methods to arouse desire is through sex magic, whether the climax is attained alone or with another body. It integrates dreams into the waking world.

No other magic on the market comes close to the power that comes from sex magic. Using out-of-body experiences and altered mental states are the main covert techniques used by sex magic practitioners. In my experience, sex magic also involves opening portals, not only the legs. The realization that you’ve been using sex magic already can startle you the most.

Writing is important.

Writing is the finest approach to begin sex magic. Transmutation, or changing something’s nature as though by alchemical techniques, is useful because it enables ideas to manifest in the physical world. This will sound familiar to you if you make collages, dream boards, or journal entries. Let your notebook serve as a tool for manifestation rather than a place for secrets or confessions. It should be animated with goal-setting praise and filled with dream diagrams.

Pentagrams, symbols, sigils, veves, and runes (cuneiforms or futharks) are extremely effective for more experienced users. Old alphabets, symbols, and figures are still in use today and have stood the test of time. Choose the trademark that best serves your needs. Whatever method you decide on, the goal is to produce something physical. Additionally, you can try automatic writing, which is calling upon spirits and letting them communicate through you. Keep in mind that we require more energy to support our magic.

Writing for me is an expression of who I am or will be. It involves allowing dreams to soar into the cosmos on raven’s wings. And it’s helping me get ready for changes. I ignite flame for alchemical operations using my own body.

Make a connection with ghosts and spirits.

Automatic writing is a more advanced form of sex magic that is inspired by spirits (or demons, if you like to collaborate with evil forces), but by all means, give it a try. Break down walls and portals. Set the mood by lighting candles, meditating, and communicating with the dead. They are prepared to step in while they wait and listen. Ghosts and spirits shouldn’t be feared because they possess the skeleton key to unleash potential.

Create a shrine

It’s quite easy to collect things. Gather everything that causes your body to tremble, from your most innocent longings to your darkest, most abiding wants. Anything from flowers or rocks to fingernails, menstrual blood, fallen leaves, candle wax, or bound herbs are proposed. Start constructing by assembling the parts or placing them in a designated box. May each item hold a particular place in your heart; if you declare it matters, even the smallest blade of grass will matter. Please all come forward to the altar. (You are, in fact, creating an altar.) Additionally, the altar absorbs your energy with each offering.

All four elements (earth, air, water, and fire) as well as a fifth element should be present on the perfect altar for sex magic (ether). You choose how that should appear on the altar. That is your calling, your divine right, and your life’s purpose. But the trick is to strengthen your sex magic by making ether the focal focus. Your power will increase as a result.


Avoiding sex has a significant role in sex magic. Yes, it is correct. Although there is a time and place for that kind of sex magic, having sex all the time is not the point of sex magic. Controlling energy is key to using sex magic to its fullest potential. Similar to teasing, sexual stimulation reaches its height and the urge to release grows stronger. Some people may be aware of this from tantric encounters. This will sound familiar to many who do yoga, particularly kundalini yoga. The chakras are being fired as if with sparks as the energies are going through them all. The secret of sex magic is energy manipulation.

Because you refused to give in, the power released during sex magic will be increased by two or perhaps threefold. You can put your fears to rest when you have control over your body and ego. You put your faith in the universe and let God’s timing guide you. Your wish gains power by being focused and then directed toward your heart’s desire. The best sex magic is the kind that waits for a cosmic whisper telling you to go for it.

application of sex magic

Take your goods and writings and create a grave for them if you want to perform full-on sex magic spells. Bury them naked, beneath the full moon. Say them aloud as if singing. Put them where you have sex, under the mattress. Do not undervalue the effectiveness of masturbation as a means of sex magic amulets charging. When you realize that you are the only thing you need, things become much more exciting. After all, dozens of spells may be cast a million times over with the magic contained in a woman’s body.

Have sex while using your magic. Keep your altar close by, or at least visible, and keep your writings close by. Riding the waves of physical pleasure, get a sex orb (an imagined ball of creativity that sparks your sexual experience) rolling over your head. On your body and the body of your companion, paint symbols. Use energy conductors and sexual fluids. The magical properties of menstrual blood and semen explode, and you can employ them in rituals or collect them as you see fit.

Placing intention on the thought form and concentrating through breathing exercises will charge a spell. Offer it to your altar while igniting it with passion and a sincere heart to allow energies to bloom. Then, while you picture your wish coming true, concentrate your wishes until you are in an orgasmic condition. Sex magic prepares us for the upcoming changes. It enables the happiness to erupt from our spirits. And in that instant of orgasmic transcendence, we become our most authentic selves, unhindered by suffering, fear, or criticism.

Sex magic begins with a purpose. Magic is created by only wanting it. And from there, the elements come. However, you want to steer clear of any unfavorable thoughts, uncertainties, or speech. Only the separation between you and obstacles, between your aspirations and worries, should be destroyed. Let spirit lead you as you tear down those barriers, embrace sex magic, and begin practicing right away. You’ll be able to thank me then.

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