Everything There Is To Know About Microneedling

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is an anti-aging and rejuvenating treatment for wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation. It also sounds kind of creepy and immediately makes you think of Kim K’s vampire facial when you hear about it.

“Does microneedling hurt?”, – you may inquire. No, cause the needles are so densely packed that they apparently aren’t painful — individuals have described the sensation to be similar to having sandpaper dragged across your face, which still doesn’t sound too nice but also doesn’t sound like torture. We do worse for the cost of beauty, right?

However, it costs significantly less than sublative laser resurfacing and doesn’t harm the epidermis, with a much faster recovery time. It operates on the assumption that to regenerate the skin, you have to injure it.

Microneedling sessile comprises rolling a microneedling roller called dermaroller covered in hundreds of 0.3cm needles long on the surface of the skin, causing a ton of micro-injuries that in turn activates a healing reaction. The new skin, is, well, look at the Kardashians if you need additional proof!

Microneedling has been indicated for acne scarring, dark spots, loose skin and stretch marks as well as winkles and problems with aging. If you’re interested what is what is microneedling, it’s a blank slate for your cells — literally. The technique takes around 30 mins to do, and although some effects may be observed straight after the session, the best microneedling results will generally be noticeable 4-6 weeks after the treatment has been completed.

On a quick and short term basis, it makes the skin plumper and produces a glow owing to irritation and slight edema. It is advisable to finish at least three treatments once a month, starting out. Although it’s a popular, non-invasive beauty treatment in many spas, microneedling instruments are being designed for home usage, such as the GloPro MicroStimulation tool. Avoid this therapy if you suffer from severe acne or have rosacea or rashes on your face.

Is microneedling safe? While DIY micro needling is a legal product on the market, it is possible to overdo it and give your skin a plastic appearance from too many broken capillaries. If you’re trying it out for the first time, leave it to the specialists, and let us know your opinions!


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