Everything To Know About Eyebrow Waxing At Home

With so many salons being closed, ladies all over are being forced to cope with their untamed, wild brows alone at home. This could seem more scary if you favor a more intricate brow shape, or if you consistently go to a salon to get your brows waxed.

Lucky for you, there are many of eyebrow waxing kits and other resources available to get you through this difficult time. Bunker down and educate yourself with everything linked to eyebrow waxing before you start, so that you can learn about potential downfalls, and find out what products are the most beneficial for your specific needs. Here are our top eyebrow waxing tips of all time to spare you from that unibrow.

Let them grow out

Before we propose any equipment to purchase, let your brows grow out long enough so that you have enough of a canvas to work with. If you don’t wait long enough, you risk a possible brow disaster. The right length should be a minimum of 1/8 – 1/4 of an inch to allow for adequate waxing. If it’s shorter than that, wax won’t cling onto the hair, and you’ll be left with a botched and uncomfortable mess.

Additionally, the longer you grow out your brows, the better you’ll be able to understand your natural shape. Consider whether you want a straight or arched form, and whether you want thick or thin brows. Most importantly, grasp your form and thickness and realize that you can’t duplicate your eyebrow shape entirely.

Find your eyebrow waxing shape

To determine the beginning of your brow, hold a brow pencil straight up, starting at the centre of each nose. Mark this place before pivoting the pencil to the outside of your eye, which will be the arch. The end, or tail, is where the pencil swings to meet your eye’s outer corner.

There are dozens of different eyebrow waxing forms to select from – you can go more natural, or go for huge and bold brows, but remember to go with your face’s natural flow.

How to wax eyebrows

Begin with the bottom of your eyebrow, pressing your wax strip in the direction that your hair grows. Pull in the opposite way, and do it as rapidly as possible for best results. Never pull it off carefully.

For the training wheels variation, draw your chosen shape in with eyeliner, following it up by waxing stray hairs along the outside of the lines. This can be done with hard wax, wax for sensitive skin, store-bought strips, or even a homemade sugaring mixture. If daring to make your own sugaring or wax recipe is still too daunting, purchase with an eyebrow waxing kit.

Eyebrow waxing kits

An eyebrow waxing kit is a terrific method to start out, or to invest in even if you’re a seasoned DIY eyebrow waxer. Consider getting a cheap eyebrow waxing kit like Nad’s Body Wax Strips, a hypoallergenic alternative for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It comes with 24 wax strips (much more than other discount brands) and has great quality. This kit also comes with four relaxing oil wipes. Wax softens quickly when warmed up with a hairdryer, however it cane be used without a warmer. Cut the strips to personalize further for brows. Sally Hansen also offers a stripless face waxing product.

Shaping up with eyebrow waxing pencil

If your brows require additional shaping up, don’t jab at them with a tweezer or keep waxing, and risk overdoing it. That’s what eyebrow waxing pencils are for. These pencils frequently come in a clear, lightweight wax that works for all hair colors, and helps to shape brows while holding them in place and smoothing them with accuracy. You may tame flyaways daily with this pencil to freshen that trimmed look. Eyebrow wax pencils are very adaptable, and may be used in more ways that eyebrow gel, which typically hardens and provides a crunchy look.


Aftercare is just as important as planning, preparation, and waxing! No one wants to conclude the task with irritated and rough skin around the brows. Consider using a calming oil or gel, which many waxing kits already come with. If preparing your own, try to include aloe vera gel or something with naturally soothing characteristics, such as green tea. Avoid applying cosmetics, scented items, or exercising for 24 hours.

We hope these eyebrow waxing suggestions prove useful to your cosmetic routine and protect you from damaging those gorgeous brows. When we all emerge out of our social break, you’ll be looking like you just came from the salon!


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