Everything You Need To Know About French Braids

Braids are a classic for a reason and have been around for centuries. You won’t forget how to braid a hairstyle once you get the hang of it. In that way, it’s similar to riding a bicycle. And to be honest, all of those intricate-looking braided hairstyles are simply variations on the classic braid with a few extra details. The French braid is the pinnacle of style; it appears so intricate and sophisticated, but it is made using the same method as a basic braid; you simply keep adding little pieces of hair to it. Here is all the information you require regarding the French braid.

French Braid Hair Techniques

Hair French braiding is surprisingly simple to do. Just make sure your hair is combed and free of knots. Then, to add some grip, you might want to add mousse or a texturizing spray depending on the texture of your hair. At the crown of your head, take a sizable section that is roughly three inches thick, and divide it into three. Twice plait your hair as you normally would, add more hair to the section on the right that you are about to place in the center, and repeat on the left. Just keep adding hair to the sections on the outside that will soon be placed in the center. When you eventually run out of hair to add, simply braid the remaining hair as usual and secure with an elastic.

French Braid Short Hair: How To Do It

You can still do a French braid if you have short hair. If you have a bob haircut, you might not be able to do a single braid in the middle of your head, but you can definitely do two French braids on the sides or a braid that crosses your head like a crown. The best time to do this is on the second day of short hair, but all you need to do is make sure you have enough grip and patience.

How to Make Your Own French Braids

The only difference between doing a French braid on yourself and someone else is that you’re doing it blindly, so you have to trust your gut instinct. If you’ve mastered the technique on someone else, all it will take is a little practice before you can apply it to yourself. One trick is to hold the remaining hair with your middle finger and use your thumbs to grab the extra hair you’re about to add to your strand.

Hairstyles with French Braids

A French braid is a single elaborate braid that runs from the crown of your head to your neck down the middle of your head, as we briefly mentioned. However, that does not imply that is the only approach. French braids can be incorporated into hairstyles in a variety of ways. Here are a few possibilities for you to consider.

French Braid twice

French braiding twice simply means starting each braid on the sides of your head rather than the middle of your head. Other than that, nothing has changed. Long, medium-length, and even some shorter hairstyles can use it. For instance, if you have a lob, you can definitely wear double French braids.

French Braided Side

A side A French braid can be worn as a hairstyle for a special occasion because it is a very elegant version of the French braid. Simply begin with a deep side part and braid your hair so that it falls down the side of your head with the most hair. You have two options: either keep it on that side or curve it to cross your back and end on the opposite side.

Backward French Braid

The same method is used to create a reverse Dutch braid, also known as a French braid. Starting with a standard braid, you add more hair to the outer strand that will go in the center. The only variation is that you place the strand underneath rather than on top and in the middle. This gives the braid more volume and gives the impression that it is resting on top of your hair.

French Ponytail Braid

An adorable hairstyle is a ponytail with a French braid. In essence, you do the French braid either on the side or as usual. However, when you run out of hair to add, you simply tie it off and wear the remaining hair in a ponytail rather than simply finishing it as a standard three-strand braid.

Inverted French Braid

An updo like buns or a high ponytail can be spiced up by creating an upside-down French braid. The simplest method is to literally flip your hair upside down and French braid it from the nape of your neck to the crown. From there, you can either tie it off into a ponytail or braid it all the way through before bunning it.