Everything You Need To Know About Tanning Injections

Typically, individuals sunbathe to achieve a bronzed appearance, but a recent craze called tanning injections has emerged that promises to make you darker. Injections used for tanning have been called the “Barbie drug.”

You may have read in the media about these injections, including the ludicrous tale of Martina Big, who falsely identified herself as an African American after receiving a sizable number of these injections. The audience was left in awe or laughing by the narrative, but they were unaware of the potentially fatal consequences that this “tanning therapy” can have.

What are injections for tanning?

In essence, Melanotan II, the brand name for tanning injections, stimulates the pigment cells in the skin by injecting a synthetic hormone into the skin. Consequently, melanin is created. Even though we frequently hear about the risks associated with tanning beds and sunbathing without an SPF, tanning injections present a more serious risk to people. Theoretically, getting an injection to increase your tanness sounds like a dream come true and is less troublesome than applying self-tanner to the back’s difficult-to-reach areas. But in actuality, it increases your risk of contracting fatal diseases.

Injections for tanning are typically sold in kits. The chemical is provided to the consumer in powder form, which they must combine with water. It’s risky to make this powder to water ratio yourself, and it’s risky to use unsterilized water. After all, self-injection sounds uncomfortable and dangerous because it enters your bloodstream immediately. Selling tanning injections is prohibited anywhere in the globe.

adverse effects of tanning injections

These injections can have some very dangerous side effects, and there hasn’t been enough testing on humans. These negative effects can include sickness, acne, heart or vision issues, as well as tummy pain. Of course, sharing needles comes with danger and the potential for disease transmission. A professional should be consulted to avoid tissue damage. Other immediate side effects may include nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, and facial swelling. Some folks mention having an upset stomach and feeling cold in their abdomen. High blood pressure and significant blood problems can have long-term repercussions.

What was the origin of tanning injections?

Ironically, the University of Arizona Cancer Center was the organization that first developed synthetic melanotan in the 1980s. Its purpose was to cure skin pigmentation issues like vitiligo or sun sensitivity issues. It was also employed as a therapy for menopausal women who had decreased arousal. It was never intended to improve tans aesthetically, though; instead of improving life, it was unlawfully changed to do the reverse.

The fact that people are putting their health at danger by using this illicit substance, which also darkens moles and raises the risk of skin cancer, astounded doctors. Since melanoma is a malignancy that is becoming more and more prevalent, it is definitely best to avoid using these tanning injections at all.

Before and after shots for tanner

A woman overdosed on 100 tanning injections five years ago, leaving her with lasting damage. If you use tanning injections to try to look more attractive, it could result in permanent scarring and have the opposite effect. The tan often doesn’t even appear natural.

These drugs, which have been available “over-the-counter” for many years, have terrible adverse effects that many people are unaware of. They only find out the whole truth after being sick with germs or something worse worse.

How widely used are tan injections?

There is a booming illegal market for these injections. Unfortunately, they’re fairly common in the UK, and more individuals need to be made aware of the terrible consequences of switching to melanin injections. There is only clever marketing; there is no such thing as a safe melanin injection.

Many internet vendors are promoting and demonstrating the use of tanning injections, but because these are still largely unregulated and unregistered chemicals on the black market, treat your body well and go on a tropical trip instead – just remember to wear lots of sunscreen! Otherwise, invest in one of the various self-tanning solutions that are readily available to achieve a shine without stains.

At the end of the day, there are worse things than being pale, and this is undoubtedly one of them.


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