Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Septum Piercing

Septum piercings are currently popular. They’ve long been in style among some subcultures, but it only feels like three years ago that they started to catch on with the general public. There are many pop artists with septum piercings, and we’re quite sure that’s why everyone wants one; you don’t have to be a punk or wear just black to wear one. Here is everything you should know before getting a septum piercing. Septum piercings are cool and edgy, they’re a good way to add a little something to your look, and they leave no visible scars when taken out, but it’s still a piercing.

1. Planning

It’s crucial to prepare properly before getting any kind of piercing. See if you like the way faux or clip-on jewelry appears by trying it on. For a few days, wear it. Do your homework on piercing parlors and individual piercers. You want a seasoned professional who is adept at what they do. Ask your piercer’s opinion as well; if they have a lot of expertise, they will be able to give you an honest assessment of whether getting a septum piercing is a good decision for you. For instance, a deviated septum may affect the appearance of the piercing; if so, you should be aware of this beforehand so that you may make an informed choice.

2. Pain

There is no getting around the fact that all piercings pain. While some hurt more than others, pain is unavoidable. You have to be ready for that because you’re literally going to be creating a hole in your body. The majority of piercers claim that a septum piercing has a low pain threshold, however your level of pain tolerance will ultimately determine this. It just hurts for a split second because the piercing is so quick. It’s only a reflex, but the location in your nose you’re dealing with will cause your eyes to water. There shouldn’t be any noticeable stinging, though.

3. Recovery

A septum piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Although it won’t take long, you must be aware that you can’t remove or play with your jewelry at this period. You simply have to let it be throughout that period in order to allow the septum piercing to heal correctly. Therefore, confirm that wearing it to work is acceptable. Additionally, you must clean it every day.

4. Illness

Because of the location, there is virtually little chance of infection with septum piercings. Your wound is virtually self-cleaning because your piercing is in a mucous membrane inside of your nose. But that doesn’t imply you should ignore hygiene or treat it casually.

5. Maintenance

The aftercare is really straightforward. Just don’t touch it, and leave it alone. Don’t flip the horseshoe ring up to hide it if you get one of those right away. Simply give it a month to heal and wash every day with antibacterial soap. If you must handle it, wash your hands well and always wet the piercing before attempting to relocate it. However, the general guideline is to not touch it.

6 removing

Remember that the hole will shut if you decide to remove your piercing for whatever reason. It may take two weeks or a month for some folks, but it will eventually close. If you want to temporarily remove your piercing, keep in mind that it will also be getting smaller every day. If you want to wear jewelry again after a month, you will need to have the septum ring repierced.

7. Scarring Every piercing results in a scar.

Some leave large scars, while others just leave a tiny, barely perceptible indentation. You don’t need to worry about that because the septum piercing leaves a very small scar that won’t be noticeable at all since it’s within your nose. Therefore, if scarring is something that worries you and is preventing you from obtaining a piercing, in this situation, it is not at all a problem.

8. Jewelry

It is important to opt for implant grade metals while choosing jewelry. Don’t purchase cheap items from Etsy because they shouldn’t be left in your body for an extended amount of time. It is best to invest in actual gold if you want gold jewelry. Choose white gold or titanium if you want rings that appear like silver. If you plan to keep it in for a while, real silver isn’t the best option because it can leave a mark.

9. Decision

When getting a septum piercing, you should also think about the judgment you might encounter. Will your loved ones or friends tease you? Or do they seem to accept it? Are you prepared to handle it if they aren’t? How about employment? Although they are not significant issues, you should definitely take them into account.

10. Jewelry

A septum piercing costs $50 to $100, and in most cases that amount includes the initial jewelry that is inserted straight immediately. You must understand that you want this done by a professional, even though we are aware that cost is a concern for many people because it’s not exactly inexpensive. Additionally, those with more experience typically pay a higher premium than those who are still learning.