Exactly How Jennifer Lopez Makes 50 Look Like 30

Jennifer Lopez is 50 today, joining other of our favourite celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston who also turn 50 this year. While some see J.Lo’s birthday as the start of a slower-paced existence, she has shown no indications of slowing down and is really thriving.

The singer and actress started her first tour in six years, “It’s My Party Tour,” to commemorate the significant birthday. In between shows, Lopez has been filming Hustlers, in which she plays a strip club hostess who defrauds Wall Street clients of large sums of money. Yes, Lopez will need to perform some athletic pole work, which she can do with ease. What about her abs?

The majority of individuals would view their birthday as a very good justification for skipping the gym and indulging in their favourite foods and treats. However, J.Lo celebrates her birthday by fitting in a workout and eating cake at the same time. Here’s how the actress looks so gorgeous at age 50.

1. She never skips a workout.

It’s so simple to create an excuse to avoid going to the gym, but Lopez has mastered the art of holding herself responsible for keeping up her power and agility. She told Us Weekly, “Very rarely would I skip my workout.” ‘Ugh, I can’t do this,’ I think sometimes after working too late the night before. Just do it, I tell myself. Only an hour, you say. It’s simply talking yourself down from being a lazy slacker.

Yes, her birthday is included in that. Let the fun begin! “#SundayFunday kind of… must get it in! She tagged her 49th birthday in a gym selfie with the hashtag “birthday week begins.” Play hard, work hard.

The celebrity is now more at ease in her own flesh than ever before as a result. She told Us Weekly, “I see pictures of myself in my twenties and go, ‘Oh, I look better now!'” “I am proud of who I am. Sometimes I feel young, sexy, and attractive!

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2. She always varies her workouts.

When she is in Los Angeles or New York, Lopez works out with a different trainer every time she changes up her routine. “I appreciate the balance they both provide for me. They each take a completely different strategy. I enjoy varying my body,” she said to Hollywood Life in 2016. Lopez keeps active and makes sure she’s always having fun, whether it’s dancing to new music or doing push-ups and planks with a trainer.

J.Lo’s go-to workouts when working out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson include kickboxing, circuit training, lunges, burpees, and ab exercises. She tones her upper body with the consistently difficult Spiderman push-ups, which include a stability-testing BOSU ball to target arms, chest, and core, according to another one of her trainers, David Kirsch, who spoke to SELF.

She told Hello Magazine, “I am 100% convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. “Dance has always played a significant role in my life, and making time to exercise and do something that is so beneficial to me is essential to my happiness.”

3. She refuels with vegetables and protein.

Lopez does not believe in starving herself in order to maintain her weight; instead, she chooses meals that make her feel satisfied and energized. The actress has worked with nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, whose Metabolism Revolution diet encourages lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes to support an effective metabolism.

In addition, Lopez has stopped eating refined and processed foods (remember her no-sugar, no-carb challenge?! ), and you won’t catch her drinking coffee in the morning. She stated to Hollywood Life in 2016: “I haven’t had caffeine in years.” Instead, to stay hydrated, the actress consumes a lot of water.

And despite the fact that she is constantly on the go, J.Lo always seeks out healthy options. Since most restaurants serve wholesome, low-calorie food, she explained to Hello!, “I look for items on the menu that fit my lifestyle.” “A salad or some fish with vegetables will do. I also make sure to hydrate well during the meal.

She also promotes a healthy diet to her children. “I try to teach them the proper foods to eat, which include lots of fruits, grains, and greens. That’s a way of life, they’re beginning to understand, she told Us Weekly. “I exercise so I can maintain a good weight and run around with you,” she explains to the group.

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4. She gives herself time to rest.

Despite how hard she trains at the gym, J.Lo always finds time to relax. What is her top beauty advice? “Always get sufficient rest. I can’t emphasise this enough, she said, according to InStyle. I always make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep, though in an ideal world I would love to get nine or ten.

She also practises self-care in her routine. “I also firmly believe that inner beauty originates from the mind, soul, body, and spirit. I firmly believe in the benefits of meditation, and that when you are joyful and filled with love, you radiate beauty. She also enjoys unwinding with her kids and eating some fruit and vegetables as a post-workout snack, according to Hello Magazine.

5. She maintains her skin.

To keep your skin smooth and supple as you age, you don’t need an expensive, multi-step skincare regimen. Even Lopez sticks to the fundamentals, and it’s obvious that it benefits her.

“I wash my face right away after working out. She told Hello Magazine, “That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy. Then, if I’m going out or it’s evening, I’ll typically apply moisturiser and sunscreen along with possibly a little makeup.

Oh, and J.Lo’s general glow? She only needs to be sprayed down with sunscreen, specifically Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 30, according to her makeup artist Scott Barnes.

If Lopez has taught us anything, it’s that putting your health and happiness first is the secret to continuing to live your best life for years to come. We can once again say that this will be her year as she turns 50 in the same year that she is engaged to Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player.

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