Fashion Through The Decades: 6 Iconic of Men fashion

Men fashion has changed dramatically over the years, partly thanks to the influence of celebrities and actors from various decades. These famous men have become recognisable for their distinctive fashion preferences, which in each of their various eras advanced the idea of men’s fashion. These celebrities helped to define the style and spirit of their respective decades with their iconic wardrobe choices and endearing personalities. Check out these 6 famous and most fashionable men for the most fashionable men throughout the past 60 years.

1950s Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley reigned supreme as the ultimate ladies’ man of the 1950s thanks to his dapper appearance and iconic dance routines. In contrast to the decades prior to his rise to fame, he popularised a more rebellious fashion trend. In the 1950s, Presley was all about straight hair, high collars, penny loafers, black pants, and argyle socks.

Bob Dylan, circa 1960

Bob Dylan’s style changed over time, but the 1960s stand out as the era when it really came into its own. Dylan was always an expert at dressing casually with a touch of class. Examples of this include turtlenecks and leather jackets, as well as a killer pair of slender black boots. He personified the mood and tension of his day with his untidy hair and casual style.

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Paul Newman, about 1970

Paul Newman perfectly captures the cold, collected attitude of the 1960s. He was spotted sporting button-down shirts, V-neck sweaters, and corduroys. The duality of Newman’s style made it legendary. On camera, he wore traditional trousers and a fitted undershirt, which gave off a more laid-back and unconventional appearance. His off-camera fashion, however, was more traditional and resembled that of a family guy.

1980s Jean-Michel Basquiat

The minimalist fashion of the 1980s that Jean-Michel Basquiat popularised is well known. His clothing choices included coats from thrift shops, baggy shirts, Armani suits, and, if he felt like it, a football helmet. He also launched a clothing brand with hand-painted designs and even produced some of his own garments. His dress choices frequently echoed the vivid and varied colours and imagery of his paintings.

1990s: Johnny Depp

As his eccentric acting parts in movies change and develop, so does Johnny Depp’s own style. He constantly appears fantastic while making it appear as though he made no effort. He is totally distinctive in both his acting and professional lives, and this is reflected in his attire. Depp’s style was characterised by subtle elements that combined to create a timeless, carefree image, especially in the 1990s. Consider rolled sleeves, faded denim, and worn-in boots.

2000’s George Clooney

George Clooney wearing a black suit will certainly and voluntarily bring back memories for everyone who was conscious of fashion during the early 2000s. Clooney has even been quoted by Giorgio Armani as saying that he makes a suit look amazing. His trademark is formal dress, and he has established quite a legend as the master of the black tie, red carpet appearance.

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